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Topic: Trick invention
Message: Posted by: Metalepsis (Jun 22, 2004 04:55AM)
I am looking for some help inventing an effect. Is there a forum for this purpose? (If there isn't there should be.) It would be a card effect and I could go there...but I was hoping to refine my invention skills on a board devoted solely to that sort of thinking.

Message: Posted by: jcards01 (Jun 24, 2004 08:39AM)
First, I would (if you haven't already), research the OOTW effects that are out there already and start from there to may sure you are not just re-inventing something.
Message: Posted by: Metalepsis (Jun 24, 2004 10:55AM)
I am a logician, and a mathematician. I do formal analysis and verification of algorithms and cryptography. I would like to find a forum (here or elsewhere) where I can learn from other people who invent tricks or alter techniques. I think my skills might be useful to others, and I want to cooperate and learn about trick invention.

I am sure my ideas about OOTW are *not* new but I would like to *not* go over other people's work so I can learn to think for myself. OOTW analysis and re-working is a stepping off point to hopefully bigger things in the future (for example using a zero-knowledge proof with a deck of cards as a sort of magic trick).

Thank you for your prompt reply, however.


Well now that it's been moved...

I want to work on a multiperson OOTW. I like Derren Brown's working and am practicing it at the moment. It seems that it should be easy to extend this to multiple people placing cards down one after the other, difficult to handle all the people yes...but possible.

I will have to think through some details and post more tomorrow. Anyone interested in working this out (and after that pointing out that it already exists)...

Message: Posted by: Carron (Jun 27, 2004 09:50AM)
Check out the forum "Let There Be Magic", it's where all magic creators post

Message: Posted by: Alym Amlani (Jun 28, 2004 06:10PM)
Excuse my ignorance but what is OOTW?
Message: Posted by: meilechl (Jun 28, 2004 06:27PM)
Out Of The World. A trick where the spectator deals (or tells the magician where to deal) cards either to the 'black' pile or the 'red' pile. After he finishes dealing all the cards it is found that he's seperated them perfectly.
Message: Posted by: Metalepsis (Jun 29, 2004 05:56AM)
It's obviously possible to do this with two people, each one holding a deck like it would normally be done. They must make their choices and place their cards in alternation...this must be strict they cannot put down more than one pile at a time. Of course you are counting for (I let my spectator handle the cards) 13 cards on your second spectator, and the switch then seems very odd. Part of the secret for me is to hold one packet myself and let them take the packet that is "correct." Then I tell them to lay down one card at a time face up.

If they hold their deck face up, I hold mine face down or vice versa. This contrasts black to red in the right places. With good chatting the effect will hide this minor fact from your spectator.

Of course this is not a problem with Derren Brown's handling, has anyone used it? Shall we just work from the basic version?

Message: Posted by: Jonathan Townsend (Jun 29, 2004 05:57PM)
M, the secret sessions, for post with 50+ posts is a good place for working on mechanics.

Just a few more to go... and see you there. ;)
Message: Posted by: Metalepsis (Jun 30, 2004 06:17AM)

...And of course every post counts;)

Message: Posted by: Metalepsis (Jun 30, 2004 06:26AM)
I will just keep this to myself for a bit then, as I have now been informed that is the way to do it. Is there another level beyond 50+ posts? Let me clarify, I can see there are other 'titles' but does the site continue to open up as you progress through these? Is there a list or spec for this stuff on the site?