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Topic: Juan Mayoral flash silk
Message: Posted by: bojanbarisic (Nov 22, 2001 04:52AM)
Does anybody know how Mayoral prepares his

silk for flash silk to cane? I have tried with a lighter fluid but no matter how much fluid I pour on the silk it gets caught by fire.
Message: Posted by: Tom Cutts (Nov 22, 2001 09:43AM)
Hi Bojan,

I donít believe it is lighter fluid at all. There was a guy at FISM who had a booth with all kinds of fire stuff. Stuff you could never do in the US :bawl:

He was selling special stuff that you drench a silk with. It burns quite brilliantly and will burn itself out without ever burning the silk. The mixture was his secret.

I know that high grade clear alcohol will act similarly but is quite volatile and subject to quick evaporation. Yes, that is the residual of a mispent youth :devilish:

My only reccommendation is to search a solution out from a professional or fulltime retailer. Donít take chances because you could get severely burned.

Buy what the pros use!


Tom Cutts

Publisher, AM/PM

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