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Topic: Idea for mentalists
Message: Posted by: gregg webb (Dec 14, 2021 08:57AM)
Here's an idea for mentalists, or metal benders (I 'coined' the phrase Metalism - get it?) or anyone I guess. Claim that you were struck by lightning and that only then did you develop these 'powers'. Not bad. You can expand it to include that you had amnesia for a while, and then noticed you had these new powers. Heck, go all the way..."I was in a coma for a while, then had amnesia. I still don't know my real name! You don't think Voltarin is my real name do you?" Etc. Get the sympathy vote. I mean, invisible thread tricks, any telekenesis trick, mindreading, hypnosis, predictions are the weakest tricks, but with this presentation, hey!
It is a backstory! Voltarin - The Man Who Was Struck by Lightning! He'll make your hair stand on end! (O.k. I'm done)