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Topic: Force "Stack" Questions
Message: Posted by: Chessmann (Jun 23, 2004 02:39PM)
There are a couple of related ways to set up a deck for forces that I know of, but am curious to know what they may be called (i.e., does the particular stack have a name, or is the setup named after a particular effect...)

First Setup:

With the deck face up, the first 15-20 or so cards are indifferent, so a face up fan will not be suspicious. The rest of the cards are 4 (or 6) force cards that are repeated throughout the rest of the deck, with an indifferent card between each force card. So when counting from a face down pack, every other card will be a force card.

Second Setup:

The entire deck is made up of 6 force cards (once heard of 11 being used). Each set of 6 cards is not mixed within other identical sets (or banks), but are set up with one bank of 6 followed by another identical bank of 6, and so on, so that a brief face up fan will not show 2 identical cards together.

Thanks You