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Topic: Get Reel - Jay Scott Berry (a Magic Portal review)
Message: Posted by: canaday (Dec 28, 2021 04:19PM)
Get Reel - Jay Scott Berry

The Hype:

Get Reel is a master class on reel and silk magic

The most comprehensive reel & silk download ever.

5 Original Routines

30 Mind-blowing Moves for Cane, Wand, Mic Stand, Ring and Rope.

The techniques taught here can be used Close-up to Stage, Street to Zoom,

Perform Fully Surrounded...

Packs Small and Plays Big!

My Take:
In an hour and nine minute video, you learn simply everything you need to know to perform this classic illusion

The first time I saw silk through mike stand (I think it was Michael Ammar), it floored me. Unfortunately, I never bothered to take the time to learn it. This could probably correct that error.

Jay has been performing this for over 35 years (at the time the video was shot) and it looks truly magical in his hands.

The props needed do pack small and play big. Jay tells you how he chooses and prepares his reels. He does not use the traditional ITR but a reel he picked up at a hardware store. It is sturdy and shaped just right for his purposes. He then goes through his procedure of preparing the reel for use.

After a basic training section (shown with colored string to make it more visible in the teaching), he goes on to teach five routines. They are basically all the same effect but done with different moves and props.The routines are not taught at a fast pace allowing you to see every angle and how fingers are placed.

Circularity - Multi phase routine. Ring is shown and silk is threaded through it. Both ends of the silk are held in one hand yet the silk is pulled through the side of the ring. Similar to silk through mike stand. At the end, the silk is threaded and the ring is thrown off without being touched. Pretty visual routine. Angle proof. You are given a variety of moves that can added to your performance.

Cane and Scarf - Once again, the mike stand type routine but this is done with a wand and completely in the hands.

Mic Stand - Tilt move is very pretty and deceptive. Jay also teaches his original move, Double Cross, which looks fantastic.

Fit to Be Tied - Penetration through wrist and then through rope that has been doubled up. Jay does this with music only and I think that is the best way to go. Any type of rope can be used and examined.

Wanderful - A silk through wand routine featuring moves you have already learned. For me I think this would be a great routine with a Harry Potter theme.

If this is an illusion you would like to add, this will get you going. Recommended.
Message: Posted by: David Todd (Jan 2, 2022 04:35AM)
Great review . I concur (I have this video and am still working through it.) I'm very glad I have this video. Jay always inspires me.