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Topic: Mask Change Release
Message: Posted by: Lou Hilario (Jun 24, 2004 12:42PM)
I plan to do a mask change with about four thin masks stacked on my face. The problem is how to release the masks one at a time. Can anyone give me an idea or suggestion how to do so. I am thinking of making a release via biting it with notches attached to each mask. Is this the right thing? Thanks.
Message: Posted by: Carron (Jun 24, 2004 01:14PM)
I came up with a method similar to this lou, why not have a small protrusion from the mouth of each mask, to the inside that you can bite, then on the next mask move the protrusion over a little bit and so on, then you can release each mask at a time,

Message: Posted by: magic4u02 (Jun 25, 2004 09:29AM)
The mask idea is a good one and the suggstions mentioned could work nicely. Just make sure that if your doing masks, that you change the routine and the performance enough so that your act does not look like or represent that of McBrides. be different and unique.

Message: Posted by: Farrell (Jun 26, 2004 11:08PM)
Mc bride will hate you forever if you even don a mask. which is all the more reason to do it. jeff did not invent mask magic. that would be like channning getting mad at you for making a dove appear.
Message: Posted by: ufo (Jun 26, 2004 11:39PM)
Have you asked Channing if you can do a dove?
Message: Posted by: magic4u02 (Jun 27, 2004 08:06AM)

I totally disagree with you. Jeff is a wobdreful man and creator and teacher of magic. Not only would he not get mad, he would probably show you 15 different ways to use masks. Jeff is just that kind of guy.

My point is that masks are so accustomed to his act that people and laypeople, associate him to the masks. This is just the way it is. So if your going to use them, make sure to use them in a new creative way so you do not get stereotpyed as being a McBride wanna-bee. Be unique and creative and be the best YOU can be.

Message: Posted by: zombieboy (Jun 27, 2004 11:58AM)
I agree totally. Farrell, have you actually met the man? Kyle's description is dead on, and his statements on originality are, as always, correct. So don't go bashing people you don't know.
Message: Posted by: magic4u02 (Jun 28, 2004 08:45AM)
Jeff has been the most giving guy I have ever met in my entire life. He shares more magic with more people then any magician I have ever come across. He is extremely creative and people could learn a ton from him.

Getting back to the original question though, you can certainly do masks. I am just stating that if your going to do them, you really will need to do them in a way that is totally new and different to the way that McBride does them.

The fact is that people know Jeff from the masks and that ia a very big part of who Jeff is on stage. no he does not own the mask concept at all and others cando it. The problem is that a magician becomes so well known for a certain effect or image, that if anyone uses it, it often gets hard to get the audience to go away from associating that with someone else.


Message: Posted by: R2 (Jun 28, 2004 01:55PM)
Shimada did the mask effect before McBride and isn't it interesting that Luna Shimada dated and performed with Jeff for awhile until the split?

McBride didn't create the effect and I don't think Juliana Chen would mind either as long as your act was unique?

I agree that Jeff wouldn't mind either based upon my interaction with him?
Message: Posted by: magic4u02 (Jun 28, 2004 02:34PM)
Just make it unique to you and make it different.

Message: Posted by: Farrell (Jun 28, 2004 09:59PM)
JEff would say go to master class... don't lie to yourself. I have met the man and know exactly what he would say. and ask ayala if jeff didn't get mad at him for the masks.
Message: Posted by: Kaizen Magick (Jun 29, 2004 12:36AM)
I've taken a seminar with Jeff McBride and he is a very warm and generous person. I think that if a mask act was unique and not a copy of his, he'd be very supportive. Bottom line is a prop alone whether it be a mask or wand doesn't make a great magic act. It's the performer and the presentation of the material together that makes something memorable.
The idea of the mouth stem inside the mask is a good one and I believe some Japanese Noh mask are made this way. In any case, best wishes on your routine!
Message: Posted by: magic4u02 (Jun 29, 2004 09:34AM)
The problem is that people not only use the mask but they do the exact same moves, styles and presentation as Jeff uses in his own act. That is what Jeff objects to. Use the mask idea if you want, but strive to do it differently and make it your own.

Message: Posted by: g0thike (Jun 29, 2004 03:16PM)
Ayala was doing magic with Masks when he was a small boy in Mexico City D.F. in Mexico. He used to go around town and ask people if he can perform his mask act in their show. I believe he was about 12 years old.

In the U.S.A. McBride is know for his mask act but Ayala might have been doing his act before Jeff.

Message: Posted by: Kaizen Magick (Jun 29, 2004 03:36PM)
Are any of Ayala's mask performances available on video or DVD? I didn't see any offered on his website but the masks he's selling are gorgeous!
Message: Posted by: Farrell (Jun 29, 2004 06:21PM)
Ayala is one of the best performers I've ever seen be it magic or music or anything he is absolutely amazing.he has so much energy and is so powerful. he has the presence onstage that few performers can duplicate.he is deffinetly one of the best!
Message: Posted by: Brad Jeffers (Jun 29, 2004 11:22PM)
I once spoke to Jeff for about 45 seconds. I therefore consider us to be best of friends and so of course I know exactly how he feels about this mask thing.

Feel free to PM me for Jeff's opinions on this or any other matter.
Message: Posted by: Kaizen Magick (Jun 30, 2004 12:07AM)
You have a good point. But...since you brought it up, how exactly DOES Jeff feel about Ayala and the mask thing? Many of us would like to know. :)
Message: Posted by: 007mystic (Jun 30, 2004 08:56AM)
It was suppose to be a discusion on mask release not McBride or Ayala. Any advise on releases?
Message: Posted by: Kaizen Magick (Jun 30, 2004 02:28PM)
In some Japanese mask dances, the mask is made with a mouth grip, although in the dances I've seen they don't stack the masks on top if each other. Rather, an assistant is responsible for holding the other masks and hands off and receives the approprite mask for the performer as he is playing different characters. Still, it seems like a smaller mouth stem could be designed to accomodate a thinner mask to be used for magical purposes. :)
Message: Posted by: R2 (Jun 30, 2004 03:01PM)
If you imbed a metal shim in different places on the mask and then create a magnet strap for your palm you can pluck them off one at a time.

Each mask must have the shim in it's own separate location so as not to pull off more than one at a time.

It's funny how everyone is busy debating and Lou hasn't once yet responded. Are we all taking to ourselves? Silly no?

p.s. It is unlikely that Joaquin was performing with masks as a 12 year old in the Districto Federal of Mexico....He couldn't see without his glasses and they couldn't fit within the masks inside nor out. Contacts weren't invented yet either?...hmmmm!! Nice try though?
Message: Posted by: zombieboy (Jun 30, 2004 05:14PM)
On 2004-06-30 00:22, Brad Jeffers wrote:
I once spoke to Jeff for about 45 seconds. I therefore consider us to be best of friends and so of course I know exactly how he feels about this mask thing.

Feel free to PM me for Jeff's opinions on this or any other matter.

Nice... I do so LOVE condescending people such as yourself.
Message: Posted by: muzicman (Jun 30, 2004 05:23PM)
I don't do masks but I love challenges and this thread seems like a challenge. Would it be possible to make your masks with the same type of cuts in a Magic Coloring Book? It seems simple to me but then again, I don't do masks. If the "release" was slightly different on each mask and in a step type design, I think it would work.
Message: Posted by: magic4u02 (Jul 1, 2004 10:17AM)
Maybe it would help if we know more of the sequence being used. it makes a difference if you are doing the change with cover of a silk or a hat or if you plan on doing it a different way.

Message: Posted by: g0thike (Jul 7, 2004 05:21PM)
Rey Rey Puntes Wrote:

<<<p.s. It is unlikely that Joaquin was performing with masks as a 12 year old in the Districto Federal of Mexico....He couldn't see without his glasses and they couldn't fit within the masks inside nor out. Contacts weren't invented yet either?...hmmmm!! Nice try though?>>>>

Joaquin Ayala did perform his mask act in Districto Federal in Mexico at a very young age. He was opening the shows for Mexican comedians such as Huarachin Y Huarachon, Pedro "El Monagillo," Mr Alex and others. He used to perform in the smaller theatres in Mexico City and he performed in TV on the Televisa, Azteca Networks. I am not sure as a little kid if he performed at "El Teatro Blanqita," the more prominent stage in Mexico City. Vicente Fernandez and other stars worked that venue.

Message: Posted by: Kaizen Magick (Jul 13, 2004 10:30AM)
Rey Rey,
Cool new pic, dude!
Message: Posted by: sperris (Jul 13, 2004 11:15AM)
Can anyone tell me Ayala's web site address? I can't find it.
Message: Posted by: Kaizen Magick (Jul 13, 2004 11:20AM)

Message: Posted by: R2 (Jul 14, 2004 06:48PM)
Many thanks Sensei Kaizem!
His name is Mango the Mystical.
Message: Posted by: LeeAlex2002 (Jul 16, 2004 08:16AM)
Has anyone seen the film "The King of Masks"? well worth watching, and a very moving story.

This is avaliable on DVD from sites such as Amazon.
Those with an interest in mask magic will certainly appreciate this.
Message: Posted by: magictim (Jul 16, 2004 09:06AM)
I mentioned King of Masks on another mask thread. At least I've seen it. It isn't the same type of masks. I like the version better though, much quicker than many magicians. They are very thin and flexible.
Message: Posted by: harris (Jul 23, 2004 03:42PM)
Love the magnet idea.

With magnets, velcro and duct tape one could rule the world (mini lol).

Back in the 80's I worked fairs and young audiences with an act called Mime over Matter. I wish I would have kept my mask. I only have a few somewhere around my Nearly Normal Enchanted Cottage.

Close-up Troy Hooser has sparked an idea about using mini mask as part of a platform or close up routine.

Those too are somewhere around this house. They are about the size of USA old Silver Dollars and look like across between mimes and Chinese Opera Masks.

Enjoy the process and as was mentioned above, create something that is you.

Message: Posted by: RydinDubs (Jul 29, 2004 01:37PM)
I sometimes wear bandanas. Do you think theres a way to do kind of the same effect but instead using bandanas? Thanks.
Message: Posted by: Kaizen Magick (Jul 29, 2004 04:12PM)
How are the bananas tied to your head? Also are they different colors or the traditional yellow? ;)
Message: Posted by: Darko (Jul 30, 2004 08:50AM)
Juliana Chen has a wonderful mask act. She changes masks 8 times.
Message: Posted by: Kaizen Magick (Jul 30, 2004 11:52AM)
What are some resources to locate footage of Juliana Chen? I've never seem her perform but would like to.
Message: Posted by: RydinDubs (Jul 30, 2004 03:13PM)
Kaizen, I sent you a PM.
Message: Posted by: magicofjohn (Jul 31, 2004 06:18PM)

I have seen footage of Juliana Chen on a program we get in England I'm sure you get called World's Greatest Magic. Chen is on World's Greatest Magic IV (4) About 4 acts in I think. Jonathan David Bass, Ayala (double buzz saw illusion), Kirby Van Birch, Lance Burton and Max Maven are a few names to appear on this series. I don't know about finding it but I'm sure someone records it off the TV.
Message: Posted by: Kaizen Magick (Aug 1, 2004 02:15PM)
Thanks a lot, magicofjohn! It gives me a place to start.

RyinDubs, have you considered combining vanishing or
appearing silks with your bandana act?
Can any of our fellow Magi out there help out our friend RyinDubs with some suggestions?
(Thanks for the PM, by the way)
Message: Posted by: mattisdx (Aug 1, 2004 02:30PM)
I saw something like this on the world's greatest magic and loved it ! :D
Message: Posted by: magicofjohn (Aug 1, 2004 04:02PM)
I may have the video kicking round come to think of it, I have one or two. I think I have it.