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Topic: Silk coil w/out wrinkles
Message: Posted by: fccfp (Jun 26, 2004 08:47AM)
I have started to use a silk winder so as to be able to load more silks into my production items. They always come out wrinkled. Is this O.K.? Is there a way to wind them w/out having them come out not looking like they were crumbled up and stuffed in?

Will this work for a long China sreamer?
Message: Posted by: hugmagic (Jun 26, 2004 10:33PM)
What kind of winder are you using? And what weight silk?

If you are loading a streamer, a Rosini style winder works best.

Humidity and temperature will affect the wrinkling of silk. Ade Duval used to control the humidity in his dressing room very carefully to minimize wrinkles.

Also load as late as possible to minimize the wrinkles. No a streamer or silk fountain, they do not show much and do not hurt the appearance like a single silk.
Message: Posted by: fccfp (Jun 28, 2004 06:02AM)
I am embarressed to admit :o: that I am using two pens and a rubberband to wind my 30 foot China silk. I tried that first before I laid out cash to see how it worked and whether or not it was something I wanted to stick with.

In "lessons in Magic w/ Paul Diamond", vol. 10, Paul shows a home made gadget that is basically a screwdriver w/ the tip ground off and two large washers that can be set to the desired width. It is used by twisting the silk as a rope as it is wound. Has anyone used anything like this?

Message: Posted by: hugmagic (Jun 28, 2004 08:19PM)
That is a Rosini winder. I make them and they work great to load the streamers up. Paul gives very good instructions on the video.

The first convention I ever went to I saw Paul give his lecture. Then Abb Dickston in the show, loaded a 12" x 300' streamer into a coke can. Yes it was only about 4mm but impressive none the less.

You certainly can make the gimmick yourself from Paul's directions.
Message: Posted by: fccfp (Jul 1, 2004 11:00AM)
Will the Rosini also work for several silks tied together?
Message: Posted by: hugmagic (Jul 5, 2004 10:37PM)
It will work for silks tied together or just with the ends twisted together. But it does work best with a streamer.