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Topic: Untouched - J.P. Vallarino (a Magic Portal review)
Message: Posted by: canaday (Apr 18, 2022 09:03PM)
Unhanded - J.P. Vallarino

The Hype:
Imagine being in full control of a spectator's card, without EVER touching the cards. Impossible!? Welcome to J.P. Vallarino's UNHANDED!

This is the ultimate card control utility - they choose, they sign, they cut, they shuffle, and they can even place the deck back into the card box to make it completely sleight-proof! You can have your back turned the entire time while sipping Pina Colada's, and UNHANDED will control of their selected/signed card for you!

And because you never have to touch the cards, the heat is never on you. UNHANDED can be used as a super easy peek, as a devious card steal, a card penetration, a fully hands-off transpo, or a miraculous vanish! From magic to mentalism, the choice is fully up to you!
You never have to touch the cards
The spectator does all the work, yet you still have control of their card
Over 2 hours of instruction - (We couldn't stop coming up with routines!)
Includes sleight free routines for beginners
Includes advanced routines for magicians looking to easily level up.
Use it as a card steal, card control, in mentalism, card penetration, and a super easy peek
Instant reset
The power to control their signed and selected card is now in THEIR hands! But what you do with that, is entirely up to you... This is UNHANDED!

My Take:

Previously reviewed his Off World, his take on the Out of this World plot. Tony Dunn also told me that he is the house magician for the Monte Carlo casino so I approached this expecting big things.

The video is over two hours long and features something that I am seeing more and more and it's a real benefit. You are given a table of contents along with the timing of each item. This allows you to have a much better idea where to go back to see a specific thing that you want to review.

You are given one gimmick inside of an empty card case. I took it out to see if I could find the gaff. Apart from being a little thick, I could find nothing. Then I started watching the video and Wow! This is absolute brilliance. One of the cleverest gimmicks I have seen in ages.

You are taught a number of routines.

The basic performance which is excellent for beginners. You have someone select a card, shuffle the deck and put it back into the box. You announce that their card is now missing from the deck and dump the cards out onto his hand. The card is truly missing, then you make it appear from wherever you like. And your spectator does all of the work. You don't touch the deck.

He goes on to show his paper bag routine. A card is selected and shuffled into the deck. The deck is boxed and dumped into a bag. The case is thrown in and the bag is shaken. When it is removed the selected card is the only card inside.

Mirror Image - You give the spectator a deck and you have one. You say that you have prepared one deck previously. You have reversed one card in it The spectator takes the other deck behind his back, selects one card, places it atop his deck, cuts it in the middle then puts the deck back into the box. Both decks are dumped out onto the table. Both have one card reversed and they match!

Jokers are Wild - Any card is chosen and you show that a Joker previously put into the pocket has turned into the selection. This features a gorgeous card steal that almost works itself.

Sandwich - the King of Sandwich tricks. A card is chosen, signed and shuffled into the deck which is replaced into the box. Two jokers are brought out and shown. They are brought close to the card case and spread. The signed card is found between them.

Any Card at Any Number - An ingenious method and you are given a few different ways to present it.

Card Penetration - A card is selected, lost and the deck is sprung towards the box. Voila. The selection is inside.

Travelers - This is actually a cards across effect but still good.

Lloyd Barnes Principle - You are taught some routines where the cards stay in the box.

Forcing two cards - Probably the easiest force of two cards that I have seen. The Joker is pushed into the deck anywhere and the cards on each side are used, one for the suit and the other for the value. Your prediction is in an envelope and matches exactly what was chosen.

Techniques for different procedures, shuffling, selection, peeks, etc. are taught.

It's hard to believe that Javier can keep up such quality in his teaching for over two hours straight but he does accomplish it. The video stresses that this is not just a trick but a utility system and I would have to agree. The prop can be incorporated into many of the routines you currently do.

I would have to say that this is one of the better items that I have ever been asked to review. It would definitely get my vote for Trick of the Year.

Message: Posted by: The Black Cat (May 2, 2022 07:22AM)
Superb review. Having picked this up recently, I absolutely agree. I came here to see what others were thinking.

Nice to see it is being coveted by others too.
Message: Posted by: cowley115 (May 5, 2022 10:45PM)
The REAL trick of the year.
Message: Posted by: Illusion77 (May 9, 2022 10:50PM)
Thank you for the review.
Message: Posted by: canaday (May 10, 2022 11:10AM)
Otherrs must agree with my assessment on this one. A friend wanted to buy one and it is completely sold out everywhere.
Message: Posted by: bekralik (May 10, 2022 03:45PM)
Maybe a mod can change the title of this thread to “Unhanded” from “Untouched” for future searches on this effect.