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Topic: Farmer & Scarecrow
Message: Posted by: Ingo Brehm (Jul 2, 2004 10:35AM)
Hi at all,

I'm just working on a 10-minute act involving a scarecrow and a farmer. The basic plot should be, that the farmer is old and meets the scarecrow on the field, which comes to life. Now the scarecrow solves some problems of the farmer, like rain for the field-fruits, repair broken tools or make him young.

I would be happy if everybody who likes to would take part in my brainstorming. I'm looking for props, which could be involved (and perhaps effects, you could do with them) and I would like to describe the relation between scarecrow and farmer a little bit more precise. What are the problems they both have? How can they help each other? What is their relation in general? This all should lead to the final plot of the act.

I'm looking forward to your ideas.