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Topic: Please read this thread before posting about DL's!!
Message: Posted by: LeConte (Jul 5, 2004 06:40AM)
Here is a listing of several threads concerning DL's. There is ample information to be gleaned from reading most of these posts. I listed the thread title first. Have fun!

[i]The DL Lift[/i]
The poster feels that people notice his DL's sometimes and asks if just more practice will help him or if he needs better misdirection. he also asks if there is a DL that works better than all others. Good 2 page thread with some good advice.
[url=http://www.themagiccafe.com/forums/viewtopic.php?topic=72885&forum=2]Click here[/url]

[i]101 DL's[/i]
Is there a video, dvd, or book that has a ton of different DL's in it? This a good post with some great hints and information.
[url=http://www.themagiccafe.com/forums/viewtopic.php?topic=39535&forum=2]Click here[/url]

Lacking a reliable method DL, the poster asks for some tips. Short in length.
[url=http://www.themagiccafe.com/forums/viewtopic.php?topic=64954&forum=41]Click here[/url]

A query is made about snap doubles and the Dingle Double (Krenzel). A quick read.
[url=http://www.themagiccafe.com/forums/viewtopic.php?topic=55956&forum=41]Click here[/url]

[i]Favorite DL's/ML's[/i]
The title says it all, not too long.
[url=http://www.themagiccafe.com/forums/viewtopic.php?topic=61025&forum=2]Click here[/url]

[i]The Two Card Push-off[/i]
An attempt to start a thread about push-off style doubles. Only one page long.
[url=http://www.themagiccafe.com/forums/viewtopic.php?topic=60173&forum=2]Click here[/url]

[i]When other people see your dl'ing[/i]
A good thread with usefull information about dealing with getting caught when lifting.

[i]Mark Wilson's CCIM DL[/i]
The poster asks about the validity of this double as described in [i]Mark Wilson's Complete Course in Magic[/i]

[i]Is this a known DL[/i]
A Café member inquires as to the originality of his double.

[i]It's It's Double DL Time Time[/i]
Basic what double do you us thread.

A good thread about the different types of lifts that people use. Paul Chosse gives some good advice.

[i]Double Lift?[/i]
A question is asked about 'basic' doubles like those taught in RRTCM vs more fancy doubles. A decent read.

[i]Two Card Push Off[/i]
A great bit of history is found on this one pager! don't miss the Chosse post!

[i]Double Lift Help[/i]
Found in the secret sessions, this Café member needs help with breaks and general tips.

[i]Flourishy DL[/i]
Question about a Gaston Quieto DL.

[i]Have you ever been really fooled by a double[/i]
Great thread. Read it!

[i]Problem No.2 Taking Double[/i]
From the secret sessions. Hideo Kato challenges the Café and no one responds!

[i]Tips for double pushoffs[/i]
A good basic thread.

[i]Tamariz's Double Lift[/i]
The poster asks if many people have seen this type of double.

[i]Looking for a new get ready for DL[/i]
Are there any suggestions on getting the break one-handed without using the push over?

[i]Double Lifts, I have a problem[/i]
The classic "my friend know it's 2 cards, what should I do post." Good information is given.

[i]Best DL for Ambitious Card routine[/i]
Another good one!

[i]Double Lift[/i]
Tips for doing a smooth lift. Several great pointers can be found here!

[i]One Handed Double Lift[/i]
A very long thread....this is a classic. Read it very carefully and you will be rewarded. Very nice posting!

[i]Double Lift Problems[/i]
We all have had these kinds of problems. This is a short thread.

[i]Blaine Style Double Lift[/i]
So, what kind of double does David Blaine use you might ask?

[i]Mike Ammar's DL[/i]
So, what kind of double does Ammar use? Just read here.

[i]Double Lift[/i]
Maybe you read about this somewhere else before, but the question is about Blaine's double.

[i]Double Lift[/i]
After messing up a double in front of his wife the poster asks about similer experiences. This is from the secret sessions and is a good read.

[i]What is your favorite Double Lift?[/i]
I guess you must have an opinion on this. A two pager here.

[i]Tip on a no-get-ready Double Lift[/i]
This is a short post with tips on strikes doubles

[i]Double Lift get-ready[/i]
A basic one page thread with some good information on get-readies.

[i]Tips on DL please[/i]
A search always helps with these kinds of questions. A short one page thread here.

[i]Another question on Double Lifts[/i]
This is a great thread for a one pager. Read it very closely as some big hitters have some good information, check it out!

[i]Double Lift amoung other things[/i]
Short thread.

[i]Best Double Lift[/i]
This is a very hard question to answer but a few people here at the Café tried to do it.

[i]Most natural Double Lift[/i]
I guess the title is the question.

[i]Help with the Double Lift[/i]
The poster needs some tips. The best tips is usually the search feature. This thread is not very long.

[i]DoubleTake Video[/i]
The thread about Wilson's awesome video which has now been converted to DVD fromat.

[i]Triple Lifts[/i]
A thread is started about triple lifts. Too bad it is not longer.

[i]Double Lifting any easy way?[/i]
Very important thread when you read the tips on Ron Bauer's double(TTT) . This is a pretty early reference for this type of double.

[i]Knockout Double Lift[/i]
A nice two page thread!

[i]Good Resources for learning the Double Lift[/i]
Just think way back in 2002, Café members where asking these crazy questions.

[i]Larry Jennings Snap Double[/i]
Questions about how to perform this double in a natural manner.

This is just a few of the many threads here at the Café concerning doubles. I did not search the first year archive so if you are looking for more information or if your questions are not answered then please feel free to research the topic even further.

We seem to ask many of the same questions here at the Café and we also have named a lot of threads "Double Lifts." Maybe this sticky will help to limit some of these posts.

In a nutshell, learn about Ron Bauer!!

Good luck!