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Topic: Dove questions
Message: Posted by: Bohh (Jul 6, 2004 12:09PM)
Hi there,

I have a few questions. I currently own a Quaker parrot, but he seems to fidgity to do any magic with.

I'm thinking about a dove but was wondering, are they easy to train? What's their average lifespan? And how much do they cost?

I was looking online and it seems they are around $20.00, but I'd want to purchase one locally from a petshop or something and would like to know the decent going price.


Message: Posted by: Dave Scribner (Jul 6, 2004 02:32PM)
Bohh, doves from a pet shop usually cost anywhere from $19 to $29 dollars. The problem is you never know the history of the bird or it's age. These are important factors in dove work. It's best to contact a breeder or get them from another magician. I don't have any available right now but when I sell them, I charge $10 plus shipping which I think is about average.

They aren't difficult to train but you must spend an hour or two a day for about 6 weeks to get proper results. Doves can live to be over 20 depending on how they are treated and cared for.
Message: Posted by: Bob Sanders (Jul 7, 2004 10:23PM)

I live with a Quaker named Dobbie. He will never be a very reliable stage animal. They have "temper" tantrums. They also do not travel as well as doves.

Go with the doves. I keep about a hundred for my uses. They are very predictable and much easier to live with than Dobbie. But Dobbie is green and much louder, so he lives in my bedroom! He makes me glad I'm away at work.

Magic By Sander
Message: Posted by: JustinDavid (Jul 18, 2004 02:07AM)
The average lifespan for a dove is "scientifically" 7 years. Tony Clark and Lance Burton have doves over 20 still performing strong. As for training, it's not as hard as ppl make it out to be. Birds, like humans, have different personalities. You will learn that as you get deeper into this aspect of magic.

Cost shouldn't be a problem. Most doves range from, like Dave said, $20 to $30. Some breeders are cheaper, some more expensive. I got some of my birds from Dave actually, and they are well taken care of. Good Luck, and have fun.

Justin David
Message: Posted by: Darcy (Jul 18, 2004 06:20PM)
I've gotten some of my birds for free by doing shows for the breeders family! Just thought I'd share that lol

Message: Posted by: Bob Sanders (Jul 18, 2004 08:06PM)

That is a hard price to beat!


Some of the acts that pick up a lot of cruise ship bookings actually have to get rid of their doves. They like to know that they get good homes. Have you tried that?

Message: Posted by: mysticdoves (Aug 23, 2004 04:26PM)
If you want to get doves white doves are very easy to train and this Oct. 22,23 in Louisville KY at the Fairgrounds they will be having the largest dove show in the country. It's sponsored by the ADA American Dove Association. The info can also be found on the magic auction site at the bottom of the page.

I have been given white doves fully grown and I have also bought doves for $ 5.00. Email me and I'll tell you more.
Message: Posted by: Dakota Rose (Aug 23, 2004 06:59PM)
Hi Bohh,

I raise white doves and have a couple of babies (3-4 months old)looking for a magical home. I can guarantee that they are very healthy. PM me if you are interested.

Dakota Rose
Message: Posted by: magic559 (Aug 26, 2004 06:56PM)
If you do decide to buy from a pet shop, you can generally tell the age by the color of the feet. The deeper the red, generally speaking, the older the bird. At least, this is the case with every bird I have. The younger birds' feet are a little more peachy, the olders are deeper red.

Message: Posted by: Dave Scribner (Aug 26, 2004 07:48PM)
That is correct, bp. A baby doves has very light, almost transparent feet. As they grow older, the feet darken until they are a very deep, almost brown, red color.

Age is not the only consideration when buying from a pet shop though. You never know the history of the bird or it's real physical health which can be a problem.
Message: Posted by: magic559 (Aug 27, 2004 08:48PM)
I'm curious what type of doves most dove workers use. I have Java doves, pure white, no black stripe like I've seen on others. When I first got into dove magic I thought these were what everyone used.
Message: Posted by: Dave Scribner (Aug 28, 2004 06:38AM)
I think you'll find a variety of species being used. The audience doesn't know the difference between a Java or a ringneck. They see a bird and that's what entertains them. I use both java and ringnecks in the same act. In fact, I use a brown ringneck and a pied dove in the same act.