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Topic: Minor niggle
Message: Posted by: James Luff (Jul 9, 2004 05:51PM)
I realise you guys put in a lot of work at the Café, but one thing I noticed the other day which bugged me slightly (and it is very minor), is this: On the front page of the Café there is a little notice near the bottom which states:

"This site best viewed using "Internet Explorer" - the internet standard"

Now c'mon guys, I know IE is the most widely used browser out there but to call it the "Internet standard" couldn't possibly be any further from the truth. MS don't know the meaning of the word standard! I don't want to get into a MS bashing thread or any arguments of that nature but perhaps a re-wording wouldn't go amiss here?

James Luff
Message: Posted by: Dave V (Jul 9, 2004 06:49PM)
Read Steve's response to this exact same question [url=http://www.themagiccafe.com/forums/viewtopic.php?topic=65884&forum=40&1]here[/url]