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Topic: Difference between Ninja Rings and Royal Magic Rings?
Message: Posted by: Bohh (Jul 10, 2004 10:20AM)

I have some Royal Magic rings, and was watching a video of Shoot doing his Ninja rings. He's so smooth with them! I was wondering are they the same as the rings I have ?

It seems if they were he'd be giving it away with some of the stuff he does!


Message: Posted by: RandyM (Jul 10, 2004 10:26AM)
I can probably let you know by the end of the day. I hope to have the ninja rings in today's mail. I have the cheapo's and from what I'm told the difference is minimal but significant.
Message: Posted by: Brian Proctor (Jul 10, 2004 01:54PM)
If you didn't know, Empire has a set of 4 inch linking rings that have a seamless nickle coating. They are just as good in my opinion, if not better. You get a full set of 8 rings and all for the low price of around 10 dollars or so.

Check around, you may find some at your local shop. In the end, rings are rings.
Message: Posted by: Bohh (Jul 12, 2004 03:16PM)
So there is no difference between my Royal Magic rings and the Ninja rings other then the weld seam?
Message: Posted by: TheAmbitiousCard (Jul 12, 2004 03:27PM)
Someone wrote at the Café here that the Ninja gap was beveled instead of a straight cut which makes the crash link easier.

I do not know if this is true but if it is, I imagine that would be especially good back when I was first learning it. Now I don't think I'd care.
Message: Posted by: Pete Biro (Jul 15, 2004 11:28AM)
You wanna blow out the guys doing Ninja's? Get Porper's new Mini Ghost Rings.
Message: Posted by: Dave V (Jul 15, 2004 12:04PM)
On 2004-07-12 16:27, Frank Starsini wrote:
Someone wrote at the Café here that the Ninja gap was beveled instead of a straight cut which makes the crash link easier.

I do not know if this is true but if it is, I imagine that would be especially good back when I was first learning it. Now I don't think I'd care.


Nope, Ninja Rings are just like any other. What makes them "Ninja" is Shoot's demonstration skills and personality.

No fancy rings, no gadgets, no hidden "trap doors," just pure skill.
Message: Posted by: RandyM (Jul 15, 2004 05:36PM)
I own the Ninja Rings and the Empire and Royal ones. The Ninja rings are much better in my opinion. The ends on the key ring are slightly beveled and pointed making them much easier to work with.
Message: Posted by: Magic Grandpa (Jul 15, 2004 06:29PM)
Magic Grandpa Here:

Dave Vanvranken, you are incorrect - the Ninja Rings ARE beveled at the gap. RandyM, you are correct, sir. It is not a big deal, but the bevel is there.
Message: Posted by: TheAmbitiousCard (Jul 15, 2004 06:53PM)
I do the Ninja routine but I just bought the cheapo rings for $9.

Actually I bought a second set.

On the first set I was trying to make the "key" rings MORE of a "key" ring and bending it chipped the chrome off of the ring 180 degrees away.

So that's my practice set. The other set if fine.

Message: Posted by: Dave V (Jul 15, 2004 07:39PM)
On 2004-07-15 19:29, Magic Grandpa wrote:
Magic Grandpa Here:

Dave VanVranken, you are incorrect - the Ninja Rings ARE beveled at the gap. RandyM, you are correct, sir. It is not a big deal, but the bevel is there.

That's odd as they aren't beveled on my Ninja set. Shoot also mentioned nothing about it on the DVD, and it looks very much like the set that I own. He's so meticulous about his explanations, that if there was a bevel (and it made any difference) I'm certain he would explain it.

As many have said already; no big deal, they work either way.
Message: Posted by: bwalder (Jul 18, 2004 11:58AM)
My Ninja rings are bevelled at the gap

They also lasted about two weeks before the plating started the chip. They are not made for crash links, despite what the DVD implies. My guess is Shoot does not actually use the VERY overpriced set that is sold as "Ninja Rings"

In short, the quality is c**p - stick with your Royal Magic rings - I have a set of those as well and whilst they are not as pretty when they first come out of the box (the weld is visible) they seem like they will last longer to me.

Bob Walder
Message: Posted by: Dave V (Jul 18, 2004 12:32PM)
Maybe I was lucky then to [i]not[/i] get the ones with the bevel. Mine have not chipped, and the welds are clean.

Perhaps they learned of the problem and switched suppliers.
Message: Posted by: Magic Grandpa (Jul 18, 2004 10:18PM)
Magic Grandpa Here:

I got myself a set of Nickled and Gold plated. Both sets have the bevel and both sets are going strong after more than a year. I do them all the time. Bob, I think you got a bad set. You deserve a refund - I'd demand it if they lasted only two weeks. Sheesh!
Message: Posted by: gerard1973 (Jul 20, 2004 10:36AM)
Shoot Ogawa’s Ninja Rings are 4.5 inches in diameter and a set consists of 4 rings. The Royal Magic Rings that I have are 5 inches in diameter and come in a set of 8 rings. Because the Royal set comes with 8 rings you can do either Shoot's Ninja Ring routine or a traditional 8 ring linking ring routine.

I bought a nice set of 5” Royal Magic Linking Rings from Daytona Magic. I got a good Royal Magic set because my set is thick and looks like stainless steel.
Message: Posted by: respho (Jul 26, 2004 11:58PM)
Hi. I see that many here are happy owners of linking rings or Ninja Rings. I am thinking whether I should get the Ninjas.

Currently I am looking for linking rings that are perfectly seamless. I mean perfection to the point where you cannot find the welding joint even on close examination. I own a set of 12 inch rings which are perfectly seamless. I am wondering whether such quality exists for small rings. Thanks.
Message: Posted by: RandyM (Jul 27, 2004 02:34PM)
Ninjas are seamless, as are Royal. I prefer Ninja's because of the Bevel.
Message: Posted by: kerpa (Aug 9, 2004 08:11PM)
I just got the Shoot Ogawa DVD, and I currently own just the Royal Magic rings. Here's my question - it seems to me the gap in the key in the DVD is WAY bigger than on the Royal Magic rings. Am I correct? Does this matter?
a/k/a Mike Miller
Chicago area
Message: Posted by: Eric Rose (Aug 10, 2004 12:00PM)
The Royal rings do have a smaller gap than the Ninjas when you first get them. I used Royals at first because the gold plated Ninjas were not available yet. I prefer the weight and sound of the Ninjas. As always, it's up to the performer on which ones they want to use - laymen won't care one way or the other if the routine is good and well done.
Message: Posted by: kerpa (Aug 10, 2004 12:04PM)
Thanks, Eric.
Is it harder to do some of the moves with the smaller gap? I would imagine that might be the case.
Message: Posted by: respho (Aug 13, 2004 05:39AM)
I have 2 sets of Ninja Rings, they are seamlessly weld, 4.5 inches diameter, made of thinker wire, and the key is bevelled, which shows some attention to detail. There may be other rings on the market with better quality or lower price, but the Ninjas are perfect for me.

Having said that, I also have many other sets of rings, and honestly the quality of the rings don't make the moves easier to perform, and as Pete Biro said, it doesn't matter to your audience what you use.
Message: Posted by: Thomas Walter (Aug 14, 2004 05:28PM)
I agree with respho,it is in the HANDS of the beholder...

I have a set of rings, 12", that I got from Ron McMillan 30 years ago, and every now and then I have made "improvements". How? For every year th o*****g gets bigger and bigger!
And that goes for my 4" Empire set too, Hocus Pocus Member: $7.95 if not $9.95!

And the crash linking! I picked up that from Dai Vernon's "Synphony of the Rings" (by Lewis Ganson, also 30 years ago!!) and a wider gap gets the better and more silent link. I mean, what are you afraid of, with PRACTICE, experience and confidence you can hide a 1" gap in a 4" set of rings!

Next time you do the rings out there, 12", 4" etc, try it with the biggest gap your hands/fingers can hide, and suddenly you will find what the phrase "getting away with murder" really is about!
And the linking is MUCH easier!!

It is not the props that makes the magic...
Message: Posted by: kerpa (Aug 14, 2004 05:49PM)
I have no problems practicing with a wide gap. I am starting to think, unless I got a bad set, that another reason Ninja rings may be better than Royals is because the Royal rings have too small a gap. The sight of Shoot Ogawa on DVD working with a gap 3 times the size of the ones in my Royal rings certainly gives me pause for thought. Agreed?
a/k/a Mike Miller
Chicago area
Message: Posted by: Thomas Walter (Aug 14, 2004 07:00PM)
Yes Mike, agreed!

And the size of the gap, to big: push! Too small: pull!

In my opinion: pull!
A big gap, a silent and more magic crash linking!
Message: Posted by: ggarcia (Aug 16, 2004 10:49PM)
As mentioned above, pushing or pulling is the easiest way to widen or close a gap. I prefer to do things the hard way. if the set is not plated I would make the gap bigger by cutting it with a dremel (a tool every man should have). if beveling is desired you could also do that with the almighty dremel. again I would only do this with non plated cheap set. the only set I have is one of the cheap sets. I don't know if its royal or empire, I just know I only paid like 10 bucks for them. I didn't know that bevealing would make things a little easier so I will have to bevel mine.
Message: Posted by: Eric Rose (Aug 19, 2004 02:02PM)
Ggarcia - doggone! In 30 years I've never made the crossover of dremel from garage to magic. What a great idea! I can't believe I never made the connection. Thanks!