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Topic: Spanish Magicians
Message: Posted by: Barajista (Jul 12, 2004 10:34AM)
I am interested in discussing Spanish and Latin American magic, magicians, history and related topics. I am not sure where to post but figured I'd start here! Anyone have a similar interest and like to discuss this topic?
Message: Posted by: chichi711 (Jul 12, 2004 10:50AM)
I have not seen a lot of Spanish or Latin magicians, but my favorite so far is Gaston Quieto (spelling?)

Message: Posted by: Close.Up.Dave (Jul 12, 2004 10:56AM)
My favorites are Gaston Quieto (that is spelled right) and Juan Tamariz. They both have great material and are good at performing. Ascanio is good, but none of his tricks (that I've seen) are really something I would perform. I do like his spread, though.
Message: Posted by: vinsmagic (Jul 12, 2004 05:06PM)
Please contact Pablo Tejera. He's from Spain. He can help you. Pablo is a member here on the Café, but I haven't seen him post for a while.

Message: Posted by: LeConte (Jul 12, 2004 05:09PM)
Some of the best card magic I have ever seen is from Ascanio, the true Spanish master of all masters!
Message: Posted by: chichi711 (Jul 12, 2004 09:08PM)
Gaston Quieto the only video that I own of Gaston Quieto's is Twenty. What other video's or DVD's does he have?
Message: Posted by: rannie (Jul 12, 2004 09:41PM)
Rafael Benatar , Rene Lavand , and if I am not mistaken, I believe Manuel Muerte is also spanish.
Message: Posted by: Eric Falconer (Jul 12, 2004 10:29PM)
Manuel Muerte is not spanish. He's German. Trust me I thought he was too. But I met him when he and Pit Hartling were touring here in Houston. They are both from Germany. I am fluent spanish speaking/reading/writing.... and oddly enough Pit Hartling speaks spanish and Manuel Muerte does not. Manuel's father I think is of Spanish descent.
I really admire Juan Tamariz's work. I personally think though that Rene Lavand is one of the best. His performing style is outstanding. A true classical Magician. His new book 'Magic from the Soul' is a must read
Message: Posted by: lchemist (Jul 13, 2004 12:12AM)
Spain has produced many outstanding card magicians, as well as Latin America.

From Spain, the dean of card magic was the late Arturo de Ascanio, most of his work has been published in Spanish in the three volumes of "La Magia de Ascanio',the first one contains his theoretical work with essays on presentation, creativity, timing, misdirection, the psychology of palming, etc. The second and third volumes are dedicated to his effects and techniques incluiding his "culebreo" (spread) and four versions of his effect "La Dama Inquieta" (The restless lady)and his routine winner of the 1970 FISM gold medal.
Message: Posted by: LeConte (Jul 13, 2004 12:52AM)
I asked our Spanish friend Pablo Tejero to review what was in the Ascanio books. This is what he wrote. I can't wait for the release of these in English!

On 2004-03-30 05:09, Pablo Tejero wrote:
Well I will try to do my best. First of all, I don´t know if the english version will contain the same than the spanish.

The best review I could give you is the index of the three books. My words will be very little to explain what these books are and what they mean.

I could only say that after reading Ascanio, sure your cardmagic will change, your cardmagic will change in something very special. If after reading him, you could get at least a little about his touch in magic, then sure you will be a different cardmagician, I think a much better cardmagician.

But here is a review about the Spanish Edition.

"The Magic of Ascanio" was compiled in three books by Jesus Etcheverry, vol. 1, 2 and 3. Volume 1 is all about is huge theory about cardmagic, its phsicology and so on, and vol. 2 and 3 are all about his effects, routines, and sleights.

Vol. 1 includes

- Unpublished texts
- The skill (lecture)
- The construction (lecture)
- The coverage (lecture)
- The presentation (lecture)
- How to learn Magic
- His thoughts on the creativity
- His Magic Ideology in 1970
- His classic and celebrated theoretical articles
- Conception of the Magic Atmosphere
- Analysis of a routine
- Considerations on the misdirection
- The timing and its foundation
- Value of the skill in the Magic
- Know Yourself
- Psychology of the Palming
- Interviews with Juan Tamariz.

Vol. 2 includes:

- Last versions never published
- "If you do not pay attention"
- "Aces of the Aunt Enriqueta"
- "The game that I would do to Dai Vernon"
- "Oil And Water without manipulation"
- "Aces with Love"
- Ascanio´s Sleights: Ascanio´s Spread, Fluttering of the fourth card, Vertical Spread, Three Cards Spread, Tenerife´s Spread, Las Palmas´ Spread, Las Palmas-5 Spread, Las Vegas´ Spread, D'Amico/Ascanio's Extension, Placing double cards on the table as one (lot of ways), Two emblematic games, Last and checked versions
- "The Spreading Aces"
- "Do not blink!"
- "Spreading Oil And Water"
- And besides, other twenty games.

Vol 3 includes:

His beloved jewels:

- "The Restless Lady" (four versions with more than 50 illustrations)
- "All Backs"
- "Alternating The Colors"
- "Ten Cards Up Sleeve"
- "Mentalism By Elimination"
- "Sequacious Spades"
- "Cards through the table"
- "The Magic Nine"
- "The Black Days"
And includes his award routines (Grand Prix Spanish National Convention 1959 and 1º Prize in cardmagic, FISM 1970) and many others:
- "Aces for Connoisseurs"
- "Aces Of My Exam"
- "The Double Ambitious Card"
- "The Strange Ambitious Card".
- "The Surprise Ambitious Card".
- "Nudists Cards"
- "Blue, Red, White".
- "Out of This World" (Ascanio´s version)
- "Nomadic Aces"
- "The Game of The Wise Men"
- "The Visitor".
- "Magical Coincidences"
- "Five Red and Five Blacks"

Well that´s more or less what these three huge books include. Of course I didn´t mentioned here all the sleights and effects, only the most important.

On the other hand, you could find an offer to buy the first volume in spanish, if anyone is interested, by 52 $ (last prize was 65 $).

Hope you could enjoy this great piece of history and magic in english very soon.

All the best magic,

Pablo Tejero :bikes:
Message: Posted by: Kjellstrom (Jul 13, 2004 03:24AM)
If you like spanish cardicians & card magic, check this card magic web out:
Message: Posted by: camador (Jul 13, 2004 04:31AM)
Spain has produced 4 first prize card magic winners in FISM. Arturo de Ascanio was the first one in 1970 and he´s in part responsible for the fast development of card magic in spain, "Escuela de madrid". He wrote a lot about theory in magic and all that is presented in his first volume "La magia de Ascanio", go to http://www.librosdemagia.com if interested.
Tamariz won the 1st prize of card magic at FISM in 1973 with an incredible rutine...pure misdirection.You can find almost all his books(some of them are sold out) at http://www.dirac.es/misdirection/ and http://www.librosdemagia.com. Then, in 1988 (La haya) was the turn for Pepe Carroll (Jose Franco), who sadly passed away last Christmas, pagina publisher has just released a compilation of his two books "52 amantes" tittled "52 amantes a través del espejo" and in addition to the material on 52 amantes it also contains unpublished material. And finally the last winner was Magomigue, last year, incredible magician. I hope that he publishes some of his work very soon.

Magicians from other specialities that have been awarded and you may know their names are Bernat (several books published at Marre Publisher), Juan Mayoral, Mago Anton, Camilo, Pablo Domenech...

At present, there are other very talented card and close up magicians such as Manolo Talman, Woody Aragon, Gabi (amazing), Miguel Angel Gea (last Grand prix in out international magic Congress), manuel cuesta...

There are also very good people in others branches of magic although I´m not very knolwedgeble there...

Message: Posted by: Pablo Tejero (Jul 13, 2004 06:23AM)
Well, here I am.

What else could I add? Friends, you´ve done great.

Just one thing, there is a spanish magician, called Javier Anton, who reach the highest winning the Grand Prix FISM in 1985.

Any question you have about spanish magicians, any kind of them, please ask me.

All the best magic,

Pablo Tejero :bikes:
Message: Posted by: LeConte (Jul 13, 2004 06:58AM)
Here is a list you gave on an earlier thread about Spanish magicians!!!

Arturo De Ascanio
- Jose Carrol
- Juan Tamariz
- Gaby
- Rafael Benatar (Venezuela)
- Mago Migue
- Jose De La Torre (Cuba)
- Camilo Vazquez
- Ramon Rioboo
- Miguel Gomez
- Miguel Angel Gea
- Pablo Domenech
- Rene LeVand (Argentina)
Message: Posted by: Barajista (Jul 13, 2004 08:58AM)
Wow! I am happy I asked! I was familiar with a couple of the names and resources mentioned above, but many of them are new to me. It looks like I have a lot of reading to do this summer! I am also curious if anyone is familiar with a book that covers the history of magic/magicians in Spain? It seems to me from what I've read (including this post!) that Spain has a rich magical history and I would love to learn more! Any suggestions?
Message: Posted by: lchemist (Jul 13, 2004 09:51AM)

If you are interested in the history of Spanish Magicians you can read (in Spanish) La Magia Española del Siglo XX by Miguel Ángel Gea and Juan Gallego Luque published by Paginas(http://www.librosdemagia.com)there you will find biographies and creations by Bernat, Roden, Arturo de Ascanio, Juan Tamariz, Antonio Ferragut, Miguel Aparicio, Camilo Vázquez, Toni Cachadiña, Gabriel Moreno, Antón López, Pepe Carrol, Dámaso, Juan Mayoral, Miguel Gómez… Antonio Romero, Gabi, Luis García, Tino, Oriol, Jesferh, Agustín Leal, Amílkar, and Mago Migue.
Message: Posted by: Mauricio Jaramillo (Jul 13, 2004 03:43PM)
Very interesting thread, I'll be looking up a lot of these. Anybody know of any good cardicians from my home country Colombia? I've never heard of any since I haven't been there in a while so I'm just curious.
Message: Posted by: elgranmago (Jul 13, 2004 05:03PM)
This thread is just another fine example of why the Magic Café is such a great place: it is just filled with incredible and hard to find information and brings together magicians and friends of magic from around the globe.


Saludos a mis amigos magos,

Message: Posted by: Barajista (Jul 14, 2004 08:50AM)
Ichemist, thanks for the reference-looks like a great book, and fortunately I'm fluent in Spanish! I look forward to reading this one. I'm definitely in agreement with elgranmago too...the Magic Café is ripe with interesting threads and information! Has anyone heard of a Spanish magician named Ciuro? Something like that...I don't know if he is XX century or earlier. ciao!
Message: Posted by: Kjellstrom (Jul 14, 2004 09:15AM)
Translate from Spanish to english here:
Message: Posted by: Barajista (Jul 14, 2004 10:21AM)
Hi Kjellstrom, is the translation clear enough to read in terms of grammar and meaning? I had heard about text translators but havent' tried one...yet!
Message: Posted by: Kjellstrom (Jul 14, 2004 03:48PM)
I use Babelfish occasionally and it seems like it works, its not perfect, enough to understand the meaning. Try it, its free !
Message: Posted by: Clay Shevlin (Jul 14, 2004 04:31PM)
Very cool thread and thanks to all who have made it so. I've learned tons here. My girlfriend is Honduran so I get a good dose of Spanish when her folks come to visit us. I speak French so our kids will be either very confused or fluent in a few languages.

One question: Has Javier Areny de Plandolit's (sp?) bibliography of Spanish language conjuring books (last edition I know of was the second edition published in 1950) been updated?

Thanks in advance!
Message: Posted by: Pablo Tejero (Jul 15, 2004 02:19AM)
On 2004-07-14 09:50, Barajista wrote:
Has anyone heard of a Spanish magician named Ciuro? Something like that...I don't know if he is XX century or earlier. ciao!

The magician you talked about is Padre Ciuro. He was a spanish magician who had one curiosity, he was a catholic priest. I think he wrote more than ten magic books about cardmagic, general magic, stage magic, and so on. You could find his books in spanish because they had been reprinted.

All the best magic,

Pablo Tejero :bikes:
Message: Posted by: Barajista (Jul 15, 2004 10:59PM)
Hi Pablo,
Thanks for the info! I will look for his books online and see if I can find one to read this summer (along with all the others) Asi es la vida!

Message: Posted by: lchemist (Jul 16, 2004 01:35PM)

As Pablo told you Father Ciuro is one of the classic Spanish authors, many current top magicians learned with his books, the good news ins that Laura Aviles from Editorial Paginas is reprinting all his titles, just check the "catalogo" when you visit http://www.librosdemagia.com

On 2004-07-13 16:43, el_loco333 wrote:
Anybody know of any good cardicians from my home country Colombia? I've never heard of any since I haven't been there in a while so I'm just curious.
You may want to check the site of the "Circulo Magico de Medellin" http://www.angelfire.com/az/mentalismo/distrib.html

Message: Posted by: kregg (Aug 5, 2004 10:42AM)
What about Benny & Marion Chavez who taught people like Channing Pollack, Neil Foster, Dale Salwak, Carl Ballantine and more.
I'm not sure if Cantu was Latino, but, he was on of the original dove workers who used a Mexican theme.

Message: Posted by: Pete Biro (Aug 5, 2004 05:52PM)
One of the GREATEST...

Jose Frakson

Not sure of being Spanish, but definitely Latin, but how about...

Senor Maldo
Senor Mardo
Message: Posted by: nadur (Oct 27, 2004 10:34PM)
I am including a list with some Latin American, Spanish and Italian magicians I know (some of them died years ago) , and the countries they are from.
There are more names to add to this list.

Vik & Fabrini - 1 st Prize General Magic FISM 1985
Joe Marbel
Prof Atkinson

Fernando Larrain
Ling Fu

Cesareo Pelaez “Marco The Magi” (Beverly, MA)

Gustavo Lorgia

Chen Kai
Armando Vera
Joaquin Ayala
Fernando Keops
Leonardo Trebole

Aldo Izquierdo “Richiardi Jr”
José Antenor De Gago y Zabala "L' Homme Masqué"
Ricardo Sueyras “Richard Suey” (died in Puerto Rico)

Jose Antonio Gonzalez “Marko” (The Learned Pig)
Juan Pablo Jesorum “Chang” (1889 – 1972)

Ni – Zu - Gan

Sony Fontana

Father Salvatore Cimo
Alberto Sitta

Florensa Casasus
Enric Magoo
Jose Frackson
Juan Mayoral
Father Wenceslao Ciuro

Michel & Greco (Vernet´s owners)
Ricardo Roucau “Fantasio”
Jose Ketzelman
Rene Lavand
Marcelo Contento
Father Pedro Fernandez “Ming Ho”
Adrian Guerra (ex-Ramblar)1st Prize Close up Card Magic FISM 1994
Carlos Barragan 1 st Prize Stage Illusions FISM 1997
Henry Evans 1st Prize Close up Card Magic FISM 2000
Ruben Di Sarro “Mc Rubens”
Carlos Colombi

Three friends of mine from Rosario, Argentina (the city where I´m from) are :
Richard Massone (Circus Tihany Spectacular)
Anton Corradin and Eduardo Kozuch, great tricks creators

I hope this help you.

Saludos desde Rosario, Argentina
Message: Posted by: Julie (Oct 28, 2004 11:17AM)
I recall a very personable Magician from Mexico named Baltazar Fuentes. He learned his coins/card Magic from books. Realizing he needed more, he left home and went to Chicago to meet and study with Ed Marlo.

He was very skilled and earned a living during this time by being the house Magician at the Pickle Barrel restaurant in (I think) Evanston, Illinois.

This was around the time when Apocolypse was just getting off the ground and I can still vividly recall his presentation of the new (at that time) "Hanging Coins".

Later he made the rounds lecturing for the local Magic clubs. (I believe I still have his lecture notes.)
Message: Posted by: Alejandro Peterson (Jan 13, 2005 11:16AM)
Baltazar Fuentes is a very talented magician, he studied with Marlo as you mention, and he teach to Keops 8Keops studied with Fuentes, Slydini, Marlo, and Tamaris, but Keops skill level is amazing and he is a 24 hours a day worker, I`m waiting for his 3 dvd set already filmed by L&L Publishing!!!!
Message: Posted by: R2 (Feb 5, 2005 10:41PM)
Baltazaar Fuentes is from Juarez, Mexico. He currently manages a Best Western Motel here in El Paso,Texas at nights. He used to perform at a local mexican food restaurant, but no longer.

I recently introduced Michael Close to him and it was wonderful to watch the interaction of two great magicians. I also introduced Balta to Bill Palmer and Ted Lesley late last year over dinner.....His sleights are superb.....

He isn't very old though Julie....late 50's or so.
Please let me know if you wish to learn more Julie?
Message: Posted by: Pablo Leal (Feb 27, 2005 10:20PM)
Speaking about the subject, does anyone knows if it exists an Ascanio dvd somewere round the planet were we can watch his performance? I've search a lot and I'm starting to think that there isn't any. After reading his book "La magia de Ascanio" vol 1, I've really become his number 1 fan, even though I've never seen him. If someone knows something about it please let me know.

Greatings from Santiago Chile :)
Message: Posted by: Dan Magyari (Mar 1, 2005 02:37PM)
Delucia, check this link out http://www.stevensmagic.com/shopping/shopexd.asp?id=105. If it does not work, search for Stevens Magic and look up Ascanio and you'll find same.

I was in Santiago during the Christmas Holidays with my family - it would have been fun to hang out with you. Is there a significant magic community in Chile - I didn't get the impression that there was?

Dan Magyari
Message: Posted by: Pablo Leal (Mar 1, 2005 08:06PM)
Thanks a lot Dan, I've been searching a lot that information.

In Santiago there are two well known communitys: One of them is "El Circulo Magico" (the magic circle) and the other one it's called "La Hermandad Magica" (the magic brotherhood). There's also a school for magicians directed by Fernando Larrain, who's one of the most popular magicians we have round here. I'm not sorprized you got that impression (and I think it's a real shame). We need to give magic a little more importance here in Chile, although I admite it has improove a bit lately. I'll be most happy to hang out with you if you return, just send me an E-mail to pleal@manquehue.net and we'll stay in contact.

Take care my friend
Message: Posted by: g0thike (Mar 29, 2005 01:57AM)
Gustavo Juarez aka "Zicarte" my dove magic mentor and friend, may he rest in peace. Zicarte was from Mexico, did a few command shows for the President of Mexico, the Magic Castle, magic conventions and tons of shows. A S.A.M Hall of Famer.

Message: Posted by: MCUESTA (Apr 15, 2005 05:47AM)
Dear Biro. Don't forget "Million dollars hand magician" Frank Garcia, whose real name was Francisco Garcia (spanish name), the son of an gallego sailor and of leonesa. (the two were from Spain), and according to my reports, in spite of being grown up in Bronx, he was "created" in Spain, ans his character and way of living was spanish until his health disordersonly know to a few that you know. He spoke spanish OK, his querubic smile, like Frakson's one, was part of the typical spanish character.

Going back in time I remember Partagás (he wrote one magic book one century ago) whose Partagas sell was the godfather of "Dunbury dellusion".

I can remember the "Jose Antenor de Gago" Marques de Orihuela "L'Home Masqué", another misterious character, which biography was very well studied by Kaufman (I tip my hat Richard), not being spanish but from South America (¿Ecuador?).

And of course the misterious "Victor Farelli" (never let a photograph being shot at him, the only one I saw was very near his death) who lived in Spain for years.

Nowadays don't forget "Dunninger award winning, year 2003 and 2004" Anthony Blake, another sapnish, in this case mentalism.

For me one of the most misterious of recent magic life is the ¿bolivian? "Marvoyan" whose very good ideas related to mentalism, whose only booklet from Suprem it's a gold mine.

Dear Pablo from Chile: Larrain is his real name. And don't forget Juan Esteban a Chile's born magician whose magic teaching was not related to mapuches, was related to Spain were he lived for years.

In relation to Pit Hardling,he and Roberto Giobbi are part of the spanish conception of magic, in spite of not being born in Spain, spent a lot of time in Spain.

According to the great invetigator Vanni Bossi. the first card magician to which are related several tricks was Jose Dalmau "El tortosino" which in 1500sss was doing his card magic in Italy, in taht moment part of Spain.

I won't forget the first time I was introduced to the technique of the great Baltasar Fuentes, incredible.

Of course the place for the greatest exponent in misdirection and palming technique the Great "Alfonso Aceituno" which was born in El Salvador, latinoamerican origin.

And the gretest RENe LAVANDeira whos grandfathers were from Spain.

I'll hope this little touches being of relevance to you
Message: Posted by: Pablo Leal (Apr 28, 2005 06:35PM)
On 2005-04-15 06:47, MCUESTA wrote:
Dear Pablo from Chile: Larrain is his real name. And don't forget Juan Esteban a Chile's born magician whose magic teaching was not related to mapuches, was related to Spain were he lived for years.

[/quote] Hi MCUESTA,

Juan Esteban (Varela) is a trully good magician too. I've talked with him just a couple of times, as he is often out of the country. I'm glad you know his work, that talks a lot of what he had acomplished so far.

Message: Posted by: elgranmago (Jun 2, 2005 04:14PM)

For those interested in Latin American magicians, I recommend you visit the web site of the Federación Latinoamericana de Sociedades Mágicas (FLASOMA):


If you would like to see some of the best Spanish and Latin American magicians in action, then you might wish to attend FLASOMA / 2006 which next year will be held in Bogotá, Colombia (23-26 February 2006):


There will be magicians from Spain, Argentina, Brasil, Colombia, Ecuador, México, Panamá and Perú. How do the names René Lavand and Juan Tamariz sound? They will be there, among many others, some mentioned in the above posts.


Message: Posted by: Yago3 (Feb 23, 2007 04:52PM)
Everybody knows the spanish classic magicians, but let me tell you, a new generation of magicians has arisen and this giving much that to speak, devastating in all the magic contests, and creating a magic of great quality. Some of the main names are:

Woody Aragon, is the spanish champion in Card Magic. Friend and direct disciple of Juan Tamariz, does a commercial magic, amused and cheers, and is very probably the maximum expert in arrangements and mathematical principles in Spain (perhaps with Ramon Riobóo). In the last 3 years he has gained the 1st. prize in card magic, 3rd. in mental magic, 1st. international prize in Almusaffes, “Ascanio award 2005” to the magician of the year, and although in FISM 2006 he did not gain prize, his routine just with a packet of jokers was acclaimed by the general public. He works in the Spanish television and he has several books published in Spanish. In English, Steve Beam wrote in “Semi-Automatic card tricks 6 “ one chapter called “The magic of Woody Aragon”, with 6 or 7 Woody’s tricks.

Rubiales, is the spanish champion of close-up magic, and winner of the first prize in magic Valongo, in Portugal. He lives in Andalusia, and he likes sun, flamenco music and bulls (corridas de toros). He learned his tricks from the tradition of gamblers an gypsys, and usually he acts in a typical Spanish table, with a spanish deck (40 cards, and the four suites are: oros, copas, espadas y bastos). He is very, very funny!

Mago Kiko, from La Coruña, is the winner of the 3rd. prize in card magic, in FISM 2006, and he has several smaller prizes in Spain. He makes very poetic and sensible magic, fusing what learned of its masters, Mago Antón and Luis Garcia, with a magic with meaning, near to the style of Robert Neale. He has studied the symbolism of the elements, and he makes a special feeling when he performs.

Miguel Angel Gea, is another great artist. In Spain he won the 3rd. Prize in close-up magic and, some years past, the Grand Prix in 2004. First, he did mainly coin magic, but soon he was dedicated to a pile of very diverse disciplines, theatrical and magical. He wrote a book, with Juan Luque, about “History of the Spanish Magic in S. XX”. He has travel inside Spain knowing the old masters (from Miguel Aparicio to Gabriel Moreno) and learning of them. In English, you can find him in the “Greater Magic: The Magic of Spain #2” video.

To be continued…
Message: Posted by: closeupcardician (May 19, 2007 11:54AM)
I had the pleasure of Sessioning with Rene Lavand and Rafael Benetar at TAOM '06 Last year. Both Great Guys. On stage as well as off. At SAM this year there is going to be an all Latino Magic Gala which should prove to be Great!