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Topic: I do more than just magic!
Message: Posted by: jugglingeagle (Jul 12, 2004 12:32PM)
Hi, My name's Josh I live in MN. I have been practicing magic seriously now for about half a year. But other than that I am a tenth grader. I am on the speach and debate teams, I am a silversmith as well. Oh yeah, I've been in Boy Scouts now for the past 5 years and I am a professional juggler (5 rings, 7 balls, 5 clubs) when I'm not doing any of that crap, I work on Hypnosis and maintaining a social life.
all right y'all! Thanks for listening!
Josh AKA Jugglingeagle
Message: Posted by: Dr. TORA (Jul 14, 2004 08:47AM)
Hi Josh,
Let me be the first to welcome you our beautiful Café. Due to the large menu, there is something for everybody here. All have to do is to pick your favourite topics and do join the discussions. Please have a cup of strong Turkish coffee while you begin to type your next post.