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Topic: Plot for Card Tricks in General
Message: Posted by: water_and¯ice (Aug 2, 2002 01:43PM)
I've thought of a good plot to use ... it's very simple.

The items have their own life, have choices they can make, and also have emotions.
I can incorporate this in to most of the tricks I know (not just card tricks).

Do you think this works well?
Message: Posted by: pyromagician (Aug 2, 2002 08:18PM)
That sounds a lot like what Cardini's style is.
Message: Posted by: water_and¯ice (Aug 14, 2002 06:45PM)
ahh good cardini ... i don't know much of him my friend is quite a fan i've seen smal clips from his preformances. id say his plot is more of a hallucination .. and magic is all around our lives as suggested by another magician ... im not sure who ... but i agree with him from what i've seen
Message: Posted by: Hoelderlin (Aug 25, 2002 01:40PM)
The "antropomorphization" of cards is a standard cliché in card magic, especially in routines as the "Ambitious card", The Cannibals, etc. This can effectively contribute to add imagination and suspention of belief. In _Life, Death and other card tricks, by Robert Neal, there are many examples of this kind of plot.