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Topic: Sparkle matches
Message: Posted by: WarrenPeace (Jul 14, 2004 05:27PM)
Hello all, I am curious to know if anybody can tell me an actual source for sparkle matches. I don't want to make them, I want to buy them ready made. I know that they are out there, but have not been able to find them through searching on the net...or this forum. I know that there was already a post, but there were no definitive answers. If you know of any store that carries them, I would really appreciated your help.

Thank you,
Message: Posted by: EddyRay (Jul 14, 2004 10:10PM)
Micheal P. Lair, I think is his name, he can sell you some. But they are very easy to make and to be honest you can make a dozen of them in 5 minutes time, if that. Just need some sparkle additive and rubber cement, oh yeah and some wooden matches.
Message: Posted by: durgy (Aug 5, 2006 01:35PM)
Hey everyone
I know the topic is old but I didn't want to start a new thread.

anywys ive tried to make sparkle matches.
instead of ordering sparkle additive, because I didn't want to wait for shipping, I just bought some sparklers at the local dollar store and took the sparkles off there with scissors and grinded it up into a powder.

Anyways when I put rubber cement on the match, it tends to block the flame from going lower even though I don't use that much. Perhaps its the sparkles I'm using and I should indeed order some sparkle additive?

can anyone who's had luck with sparkle matches help or give a few tips in making them. where whould the rubber cement start from on the match.

ps. I do have the lair candle dvd and have watched his instructions already..
thanks for your help

Message: Posted by: lair (Aug 7, 2006 06:36AM)
Hi, Durgy! Just try gently brushing some rubber cement below the match head. Keep it only on the stick below the match head. Putting rubber cement on the match head will cause it to not strike properly. Roll a little sparkle additive in the rubber cement, and you will be able to get the proper sparkle. Also, tape two matchsticks together for maximum flame to light the sparkle additive. I always use two matches...makes a bigger, better flame visual from the stage. You can get sparkle additive from the dealers or from the creator: Theatre FX. Sparkle Additive is wonderful...audiences love it.
Best of success,
Michael Lair