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Topic: Snowmachine
Message: Posted by: JohanStahl (Jul 15, 2004 04:58AM)

Im having trouble with my snowmachine (Snowstorm in China). It just dosent work. It sounds perfect, just as it should, but there is no snow.

Anyone used with a snowmachin that could help me with the usual faults, before I send it away.


-Johan Sthl-
Message: Posted by: Paul Arthur (Jul 15, 2004 01:55PM)
Is anything coming out of the sock, even a dribble of liquid?
Message: Posted by: JohanStahl (Jul 15, 2004 03:31PM)
No, nothing at all.
Message: Posted by: CamelotFX (Jul 15, 2004 06:01PM)
After it runs a bit, is the snow pellet still intact or partly disintegrated?
Message: Posted by: JohanStahl (Jul 16, 2004 05:28AM)
Snow pellet?
I dont know what that is.

Sorry, but Im real good att swedish.
Message: Posted by: CamelotFX (Jul 17, 2004 02:35PM)
I'm a Swede as well, but I must be thinking of a different machine.
C. J. Anderson
Message: Posted by: Regan (Jul 18, 2004 12:19PM)
I'm confused. I have a snow machine but it does not use pellets nor a sock. I may be thinking of something different. If you're talking about a snow machine that uses "snow" fluid then it may be that the nozzle is clogged.

Message: Posted by: CamelotFX (Jul 18, 2004 05:23PM)
I'm confused too. There is an effect called "Snowstorm in China" but several products that produce that effect. The one I know uses pellets, but that's obviously not what you've got. The "sock and liquid" device must be another. So, pray tell: What brand machine do you have?
Message: Posted by: Regan (Jul 18, 2004 06:09PM)
I do the "Snowstorm In China" routine, but I thought Johan was talking about an electric "Snow Machine" that uses a liquid "snow" fluid. (A device similar to a fog machine).
Maybe you could be a little more specific Johan, I might could help you.

Message: Posted by: JohanStahl (Jul 19, 2004 02:51PM)
On 2004-07-18 19:09, Mister Mystery wrote:
I thought Johan was talking about an electric "Snow Machine" that uses a liquid "snow" fluid.[/quote]

Yes, he was.

Mister Mystery, so if it is the problem you wrote about earlier, is there a "cure"?
Message: Posted by: Paul Arthur (Jul 19, 2004 03:57PM)
Electric snow machines have a piece of black material fixed to the front nozzle that the foamy liquid travels through. The material "sock" acts as dispersment creating little "flakes" instead of one big glob of foam. It looks similar to a little windsock, coming to a point at the end.

Here are pictures of electric snow machines with "socks on the front"...
Message: Posted by: Regan (Jul 21, 2004 07:38AM)
I didn't know it was called a sock.

This is what my owner's manual says:
If you experience noise, low output, or no output at all, unplug immediately. Check fluid level, external fuse, remote connection, and power from the wall. If all this appears to be ok, plug the unit in again. If snow does not come out after holding down the remote button for 30 seconds, check the hose attached to the tank to make sure there is fluid going through the hose. If you are unable to determine the problem, do not continue pushing the remote button, as this may damage the unit. Return the machine to the dealer."

Here are some other tips:
Do not use outdoors or in wet conditions.
Use caution when filling tank, spilled liquid that enters unit can cause damage.
Store snow machine upright.
Mine will only operate at up to a 15 degree level of inclination.
Allow free air space around unit's vents to avoid damage to the machine.
Only use high quality snow liquid (Mine uses water-based fluid) Other liquids (besides water) can damage the unit.
Make sure tank is sufficiently filled with snow liquid. (Running the machine with no fluid can cause permanent damage.
Do not allow the snow fluid to become contaminated.
Always replace the cap on the tank and the fluid container immediately after filling.
Before storing, flush out the system with clean water.

Since it sounds ok , maybe its not damaged. It seems like it could be a clogged or kinked hose.

I would try draining the tank and see if some warm, distilled water would clean out the hose. Just don't run it to death if it doesn't come through. Also make sure the hose is not kinked or twisted. Mine says it has no servicable parts inside, but I'm sure you could check the hose and even detach it and try cleaning it if you think it is clogged and the water still won't come through. Just make sure the machine is unplugged before you remove the cover. You might try cleaning the sock also.

I sure hope this helps.

Message: Posted by: JohanStahl (Jul 21, 2004 06:39PM)
Thanks everyone!