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Topic: Marketing Yourself as a Speaker
Message: Posted by: Scott Wells (Jul 15, 2004 04:24PM)
Along with about a dozen others, I attended the four hour seminar hosted by Steve Hart ( http://www.magic2motivate.com ) which was held prior to the I.B.M. Convention in Cleveland recently. I wrote a short review of the event for anyone considering following this avenue.

Let me say up front that I have no affiliation with this venture nor am I being paid or otherwise given any consideration for my comments or recommendation. This is purely from my own perspective...plus I like to write ;-)
How to Move from Being a Magician to Being a Recognized (and higher paid) Speaker

A Review of the Seminar - by Scott Wells

If you are satisfied with the income you are receiving from your magic performances, then read no further. We thank you for your attention to this point and wish you continued success with your performances and career.

If on the other hand, you want to consider an alternate way of kicking your income up more than just a notch, then consider this one word…“speaking.” Perhaps you remember the advice given to Dustin Hoffman’s character in The Graduate…plastics. Had you heeded their advice in the 1960’s when the movie came out, then perhaps you may have been reading this in your cottage in the South Seas. But the new course of action for magicians is as speakers and trainers. This new area is relatively untapped with few who are currently in the field. Just as many thought that the way of trade shows was paved with gold, some found it and others didn’t. Part of the problem may have been that no one wanted to share the advice on how to really succeed. The few tips and suggestions posted on websites, in lecture notes and video tapes could not adequately prepare the initiate into what they were going to experience. Indeed the fees for trade show workers was, and is, better than what the typical birthday party magician earns. Some who entered the market found success and others did not find it to their liking. In the meantime the trade show market underwent a drastic change. But that is for another time. For now, the new paradigm is for companies to hire trainers and outside speakers who can motivate and teach their employees skills necessary for their jobs.

How would you like to get a piece of the pie while it is still relatively un-sliced?

Steve Hart offers a course called “Magic 2 Motivate” that teaches magicians how to incorporate skills they already possess and successfully market those skills to companies who need them. Steve is a member of the National Speaker Association (N.S.A.) and specializes in delivering talks to corporate audiences across the country. He keeps busy with a full schedule of engagements to executive who need specialized training. He teaches these skills in a one day seminar, in a longer weekend retreat, in communication aids (i.e. booklets, DVD’s, and audio tapes), through a regular newsletter, and on his website. Steve’s belief is that magicians are going to find this venue sooner or later and it’s important that if they are going to enter the field, then they need to be properly equipped.

As mentioned above, there were no recognized “schools” where magicians could prepare to become trade show magicians and as a result, some were woefully prepared when they attempted to enter the field. Furthermore, they undercut prices that brought down professional fees. In the corporate speaking field, it should be recognized that there is even better money than from trade show work. And you perform far fewer tricks over the course of your talk than you would in the course of a typical magic show.

In the course of a four hour seminar, Steve goes over all the basics of what to expect and what it takes to be successful in the speaking field. One of the first things he mentions is that as magicians we already possess certain skills that the majority of people don’t…the ability to speak in front of strangers. Furthermore, the job of a speaker is not to necessarily entertain with one trick after another, but instead to use the trick in the context of an example, not unlike how a trade show magician might incorporate the company’s attributes in his patter. In fact, the trick is incidental to the topic itself and often comes as a true surprise. The effect should be reasonably quick, visual and to the point without seeming to be a “trick.”

Steve typically conducts the intimate workshop for a small group of a dozen or so dedicated individuals who want to pursue motivational speaking and increase their income to $2,500 and more per engagement. The one day seminar is more of an interactive roundtable where participants can share ideas and ask questions in an open forum. They discuss how to find that right subject for you, how to use magic to communicate your message, the importance of creating an emotional experience, how to develop your speech, how to find out what the client wants, the importance of segmenting yourself and setting yourself up as an expert on the topic you choose, positioning yourself in your market, associating with other “mastermind” groups, finding your emotional hook, available training booklets and how to develop your own training materials, how to mix magic with your message, “permission marketing” versus “interruptive marketing”, and the importance of developing and maintaining a website presence.

So many topics are covered that it may seem overwhelming, but Steve provides a comprehensive booklet to aid in moving through the twists and turns of the subject. He also unveils the mystery of what to expect and how to be successful in a lucrative business that is just waiting to be discovered by more competent magicians. There are fewer than 100 magicians in the N.S.A. and there are nearly 7,000 speeches given every day in America. Why shouldn’t you be one of those paid speakers?
Message: Posted by: Jim Snack (Jul 15, 2004 05:14PM)
When Steve first told me he was going to offer the seminar a few years ago, I told him, "Don't do it, Steve, we don't need a bunch of amateur magicians messing up this field."

He responded, "Magicians were entering the field anyway, and someone should show them how to do it right."

I said, "Count me in." Since then, I have had the pleasure of speaking at three of Steve's Magic2Motivate seminars and can tell you that it is the real deal. If you are interested in getting into this end of the business, Steve is the only person showing you the ropes.

BTW, tomorrow I will fly to Phoenix to join Steve Hart, Chris Carey, Brad Montgomery and a number of other well-known magician/speakers at the National Speakers Association annual convention.

We have even created a PEG (Professional Emphasis Group) for those us us who do magic and will meet on Saturday night in the lounge of the JW Marriott. On Monday night some of us will perform as part of a major fundraising event. Anyone interested in the field of "motivational magic" should look into the National Speakers Association (http://www.nsaspeaker.org).

Magically yours,
Jim Snack
Message: Posted by: cheesewrestler (Jul 15, 2004 05:28PM)

(In the course of a four hour seminar, Steve goes over all the basics of what to expect and what it takes to be successful in the speaking field.

, the importance of creating an emotional experience,

finding your emotional hook,

So many topics are covered that it may seem overwhelming, [/quote]

Does he cover topics like where to actually go to look for work, or how to market yourself effectively so you can start working?
Message: Posted by: Jim Snack (Jul 15, 2004 05:42PM)
I can't tell you what Steve did in his seminar before IBM in Cleveland, but when we do the program in Florida, we definitely cover marketing topics.
Message: Posted by: cheesewrestler (Jul 15, 2004 06:19PM)

Because I'm not interested in paying somebody to tell me to look within myself.
Message: Posted by: Jim Snack (Jul 15, 2004 06:52PM)
While I'm not particularly fond of paying someone to "tell me to look within myself (I already did cognitive therapy years ago), I do understand the importance, as a speaker, of discovering your "core message." That takes a great deal of introspection and self-awareness. Sometimes it helps to have a coach, and there are several very competent coaches in the business.

Without a well defined core message that is inherently your own, you run the risk of just spouting cliches while performing magic. I've seen it done and it is not very effective or marketable. Meeting planners want and expect more nowadays.

Before anyone jumps into the speaking field, they really need to discover their uniqueness and learn how to bring that out as they refine their message. A competent speaking coach can cut years off that discovery process and can be a wise investment.
Message: Posted by: Scott Wells (Jul 16, 2004 08:25AM)
Steve's presentation in Cleveland was not an introspective trip through your soul but rather an overview of the field of speaking and what potential lies therein. He did cover quite a bit of marketing specifically the importance of having an electronic presence through a website. I would say that the five hour seminar was more of an introductory class that brought together people who were serious about moving into this field or who had already dipped their toe into the water and found it inviting.

As Jim Snack says, I understand that everything, including marketing, will be gone over in detail in the longer, weekend seminar coming up in Phoenix.

Message: Posted by: Dorian Rhodell (Jul 17, 2004 10:43PM)
Will one of these Seminars ever come to California?


Dorian Rhodell
Message: Posted by: Steve Hart (Jul 22, 2004 05:09PM)
Hey Gang,

I just returned from Phoenix, AZ where I was attending the National Speakers Association convention. Over 1600 professional speakers and 18 of them were also
It was an unbelievable time of learning, net-working, and inspiration.

My next big three day magic2motivate Live Workshop will be in Cocoa Beach, FL on Nov. 9-11th, 2004. Details can be found in my Website under "Workshops."

Hey Dorian, I would love to come to San Francisco and present one of my workshops. I know of others who want me to come out to your area. Maybe you could help me plan one this coming January, 2005. I will already be in the area come January.

Steve Hart
Message: Posted by: rtgreen (Jul 22, 2004 07:10PM)

How many people would you need to attend to make the workshop worthwhile?
Message: Posted by: Steve Hart (Jul 24, 2004 09:26AM)
Thanks for asking.

I know this is not for everyone. Mixing the art of magic with speaking is very different than just performing a magic show. This will only appeal to about 2% of the magic world.

But it is one of the fastest growing types of magic today. Not to mention it is one of the highest paid.

To answer your question, I would need about a dozen people attending my workshop to make it my worth while to come to any city and give the four hour live workshop.

Anyone else interested, let me know. I may already be coming your way and you will not want to miss this workshop for Motivational Magic!

It take less than 3 minutes to read my e-Newsletter filled with insight, wisdom, routines, and money making ideas. Sign up Now! Don't miss my next workshop.

Steve Hart
"the Motivational Magician"
Message: Posted by: jlevey (Oct 11, 2004 03:12PM)
Steve's site is thoughtful. practical and inspirational: http://www.magic2motivate.com

He also holds valuable teleconferences on the subject of making it in the business of Speaking, Training and Motivating.

All the best.