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Message: Posted by: ARNO (Aug 3, 2002 08:45AM)
Hello everybody

I want to perform a trick called "ashes to ashes", it's a burnt and restaured paper where the ashes fly to the ceiling.
If somebody knows wich paper is used in this trick, i'm interested !

Message: Posted by: Jim Pace (Aug 4, 2002 12:05PM)
If you would like to PM me, I can help out.
Message: Posted by: Magique Hands (Aug 13, 2002 04:28AM)
Take a look in the paperback book 'Scarne's Magic Tricks.' This effect is listed there. If I'm not mistaken, he uses a piece of tissue paper (the kind men's shops wrap their shirts in.) I also believe that the way the paper is cut (either with the grain or against the grain, has something to do with the paper rising to the ceiling.)

Hope this helps,
- - Troy