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Topic: Porpers Mini Ghost Rings
Message: Posted by: RandyM (Jul 22, 2004 04:03PM)
Anyone use this? Do you enjoy it? Any input will be appreciated.
Message: Posted by: MJ Marrs (Jul 24, 2004 04:12PM)
Hey Randy,

I have a friend who uses a set of these rings. He's pleased with them due to the fact that their quality is superb (of course, since Porper makes them), the instructions were written by Jonathan Neal (he performed on The Tonight Show), and he can "flash" the fact that there's NO gap in the ring! I've already been using the Ninja Rings with very good reactions, so I'm not going to switch mid-stream; however, my friend has gotten a lot of mileage out of his ghost rings, especially when there are other magician's watching.