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Topic: Pressley Guitar Dice/Chop Cup
Message: Posted by: Merenkov (Jul 27, 2004 07:06PM)
I'm interested in tracking down one of Pressley Guitar's dice stacking cups gimmicked as a chop cup. (And yes, I know other people are making such a thing now, but I consider Pressley's the gold standard in this department.) Purchase or possibly trade. I have two of the last Pressley Guitar wands that he ever parted with (one of which was the prototype that he used as his production standard), and one of his ball and cone sets. For those not familiar, his wands were made of metal. They could be screwed apart and reassembled as a mini-wand. The seam literally disappears when the two parts are screwed together. Amazing.
Message: Posted by: Stevethomas (Jul 28, 2004 02:01PM)
Um....should I let the world know that I have a set of 2 of these cups? One gimmicked, one not, and you can NOT tell the difference without the included gaffed die. I've even discussed this set with Pressley, too.

Steve Thomas