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Topic: Getting back in - Some Advice Please?
Message: Posted by: ditti80 (Jul 28, 2004 07:18PM)

I really stopped practicing magic around 7 months ago. Before that I was practicing card magic on a daily basis for about 6months. I now have the urge to get back into it and need some guidance. Card magic is what really interests me. Before I stopped, I knew a fair amount of techniques and tricks pretty well. However, my mistake last time was trying to learn too much in a short span. Here is my current scenario:

Work long hours and don't have hours a day to practice(maybe 1/2 hr a day)/ Would like to be able to perform 3 card tricks and the techniques associated with these tricks flawlessly. 3 card tricks that differ in routine and effect. Can anyone give me three card tricks I "must" learn first or any other advice.

These are the books I currently own if this helps:

Impossibilia/ Smoke and Mirrors/ Carneycopia/ Stars of Magic/ CC1/ AOA Vol1/ TRGTCM

Videos: ETMCM 1&2

Message: Posted by: rtgreen (Jul 28, 2004 07:23PM)
You have some great references. I would say choose a piece with a quick and clear effect. Then choose something that has a more complicated plot, maybe a story piece or a multiple phase routine. Finally, work with a routine with a strong kicker or two. Beside giving you three great routines to work with, you will have a formatted 8 to 10 minute act.
Message: Posted by: JCaelum (Jul 28, 2004 07:26PM)
I think you should definitely pick up an ACR routine for one of those tricks. great thing about an ACR routine is you can customize to contain the sleights you are comfortable with. since you have AOA maybe get good at reset or bizarre twist (sorry if those aren't in vol. 1, havent read them in awhile).