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Topic: Rope and Ring with audience participation
Message: Posted by: BradleyNott (Jul 31, 2004 01:13AM)
I was messing around with moves from Aldo Colombini's rope and ring routines (Ringing Around and Ringing Around Too) and I started to think about how to have audience participation.

I just toyed with a few moves that would have the linking and unlinking happening when I'm not ready for it to happen, suggesting that the spectator is doing the magic and also pulling a fast one on me.

Sort of like: I hand the ends of the rope to one person, the ring to another and as I am handing the rest of the rope to another person the unlink happens. When I turn back to the middle person the unlink is a surprise to me. So I can ask "Hey, how'd you do that...?"

Just an idea.

Has anyone else tried this or would like to share some advice for making this effect more hands on for the audience?

Thanks for the creative support which I hope comes pouring in from all directions.

Message: Posted by: cataquet (Jul 31, 2004 08:35AM)
My favorite "audience participation" phase in my R&R routine happens as follows: the ring is on the rope, and then you tie a (false) knot in it. Several spectators tug on the ring (as hard as they want) and the ring does not come off. You (or another spectator)take the ring and blow on the knot, and the ring comes off the rope and the knot is dissolved.

This is a very strong effect, and sometimes I will use this bit on it's own.

Bye for now