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Topic: Linking Rings
Message: Posted by: chris fowler (Aug 1, 2004 11:24AM)
Does anyone know of a magic supplier who carries solid, heavy, 12" linking rings (set of 8)? Thanks for your help.
Message: Posted by: DonDriver (Aug 1, 2004 12:06PM)
Hey Chris,
Try http://www.dennymagic.com Denny is one of the most trusted magic dealers on the net.Aslo if you don't have a routine,Michael Skinner's video on the linking rings is one of the best out their.
Hope this helped.
Message: Posted by: leefoley3 (Aug 1, 2004 12:47PM)
You might try Brad at http://www.magicshop.com. I don't know if would have them in stock but if not he could probably get some at a very reasonalbe price.
Message: Posted by: mattisdx (Aug 1, 2004 02:22PM)
Hocus pocus probably has them :D