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Topic: Dollar bill??
Message: Posted by: Attitude (Aug 6, 2002 08:59PM)
I am looking for some good tricks that I can do close-up/wark-around with a dollar??
Message: Posted by: stevebraley (Aug 6, 2002 10:44PM)
Try Mismade Bill - There are several different methods depending on whether you want to use TT or allow examination.
Message: Posted by: Lance Pierce (Aug 6, 2002 11:16PM)
The Bill Change is good. Try this:

Reach in the air and produce a one-dollar bill. Let the audience examine it. Fold it and change it to a hundred. Then fold it and make it vanish. Full circle.


Oh, I forgot to mention that you can also do a torn and restored bill, Card Warp, a fairly direct production and vanish of a bill, Roger Klause's "Miser's Cornucopia," where ten dimes come out of a bill, produce a silk from a bill (and make it vanish back into the bill), float a bill, mentally divine the serial number on a bill, do the Michael Weber effect where the bill changes places with a five that's folded into a finger ring (Life Savers), etc., etc., etc.

Was there a particular direction in which you wanted to go?

Message: Posted by: Kardenni (Aug 7, 2002 12:30AM)
Check out Jim Pace Gags video it has some pretty cool improv bill penatrations.
One where you stick your finger through the bill and its returned with no hole then another with a napkin and pen.
get it at http://www.whiterabbitmagic.net !
Message: Posted by: pwagorn (Aug 7, 2002 12:35AM)
card warp is great with a dollar bill
Message: Posted by: Chris A. (Aug 7, 2002 10:12AM)
Try "misled" or "pen through anything" for some nice clean penetrations.
Message: Posted by: DoctorAmazo (Aug 8, 2002 12:29PM)
I'm partial to "Smilin' George". It's best done with a borrowed bill.
Message: Posted by: James Washer (Aug 8, 2002 12:38PM)
check out the visibill video
Message: Posted by: flourish dude (Aug 8, 2002 01:07PM)
Sankey has a good routine with a dollar with 4 holes punched into it. Also Diamond Jim has a Happy birthday dollar. Check out
The best of sankey 1-4
Pocket full of miracles Diamond Jim
Both are GREAT resources
Message: Posted by: steve proescher (Aug 8, 2002 03:50PM)
Magic of Jeff McBride vid has a nice torn and restored bill on it. Easy to learn and do.
Message: Posted by: sleightly_impressive (Aug 31, 2002 05:06PM)
Cig thru bill is a favorite of mine. As is cig-o-bill. Also, even though people have seen it a bunch, using the ITR with a bill always gets good reactions.

SI :bikes:
Message: Posted by: GregB (Aug 31, 2002 07:03PM)
Sorry, I'm not quite sure about the card warp with a bill? Would they see it switch sides - is that so noticable? (I'm from the UK - don't know exactly what a bill looks like)

Also, you'd have to damage a bill I guess, and in the UK it would become VERY expensive :D

Oh also, probably more of a card trick than a bill trick, but have you seen Lee Asher's
"That's a Wrap"?
Message: Posted by: mike4dice (Aug 31, 2002 09:15PM)
On 2002-08-08 14:07, flourish dude wrote:
Sankey has a good routine with a dollar with 4 holes punched into it.

Thanks for the reminder about Sankey's routine with the 4 holes. I saw him do it in a lecture awhile back, but completely forgot about it!

mike :(
Message: Posted by: Bascomb Grecian (Sep 3, 2002 12:42AM)
I regularly use the Klause Bill Switch from Encore 2-Ammar.

Use a one-hundred in the "TT" and borrow a one. I have tried all the other denominations and mis-made bills. It is very surprising to me that the hundred gets a better reaction, but it is true.

Message: Posted by: Dr. Jakks (Sep 3, 2002 07:24AM)

ha, no not actually warp the bill, use the bill as the "warper". Thats the way I learned to do it, but I really prefer cards.