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Topic: Cleaning the Dlite
Message: Posted by: BronxRican (Aug 2, 2004 02:17PM)
Ive used a damp cloth..am afraid to try soap though any suggestions
Message: Posted by: irossall (Aug 3, 2004 05:16AM)
I would clean the outside only. If the inside is that dirty then maybe you need to wash your hands more often.
On a serious note, I have never washed my TT's and I do have a few older ones that could use a little washing but being the lazy type of guy that I am and the fact that all of my TT's work just as good as the day I got them, I don't think I will be washing mine any time soon.
As I stated above, I would only clean the outside. Maybe something like 409 cleaner would be best.
Iven :patty:
Message: Posted by: randomdan (Aug 3, 2004 08:50AM)
I left one of my d'lites in the pocket of my fleece jacket, and it got full of fluff :(

I eventually worked the inside bits out, and was able to remove most of the fluff by hand, and while the innards were out, I washed the TT thoroughly.

To get the insides to stay back in again though, I put a tiny, tiny dab of hot glue onto the plastic/rubbery blob that the insides are attatched to, and stuck it back in place. It's stayed there ever since.

Message: Posted by: BronxRican (Aug 3, 2004 10:24AM)
Ye I meant the outside after leaving them in my pocket the outside gets a bit dirty..making the thumb tip darker making it less "blendable" (is that word?) with my hand
Message: Posted by: randomdan (Aug 3, 2004 03:02PM)
Ah - that also happened to the other d'lite which I left in my jeans pocket when it rained (the dye from the jeans gave them a nice blue sheen).

I found that some white spirit was able to clean the surface up well.

Message: Posted by: RSD (Aug 10, 2004 08:18PM)
You can use an air duster to clean off the inside of a D'Lite. The same cans that is used to clean electronic equipment. It can be picked up a Best Buy type store.