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Topic: The Funniest Story I've Heard
Message: Posted by: alextsui (Aug 11, 2004 10:48AM)
Hi everyone!

This is the one of the funniest stories that I've heard from the guys at a magic school I visited recently.

There was this guy who enrolled at the magic school and paid his fees. So the guys who were teaching there started to show him how to do some tricks.

Suddenly he surprised all the teachers there by saying, "That's cheating. Come on, I want to learn real magic. I want to learn the real stuff like making a coin vanish in my bare hands. I don't want to learn all this fake stuff."

The guys there tried to convince him that magic is done with sleight of hand and other clever techniques but to no avail. He demanded his money back and they have no choice but to refund him.

Imagine that! Even kids probably know that magic are just tricks but here is this guy in his twenties expecting to learn real magic. :D

Alex Tsui
Message: Posted by: Pakar Ilusi (Aug 12, 2004 12:21PM)
Yeah, I was actually there when we were told this!(Me and Alex are in Malaysia btw...)

They come in all sorts don't they! You just gotta love 'em!

Message: Posted by: GypsyPirate (Aug 18, 2004 11:35AM)
Wow... He was expecting Hogwarts (or whatever that harry potter school it...)
Message: Posted by: Neznarf (Aug 27, 2004 02:14PM)
I showed up for Amanda's 5th B'day party. I asked mom if I could meet Amanda before the show? She said ask her father. So I did. And this is what he told me.

Last night I told Amanda that the magician was going to cut her in half and make her disappear, so she is afraid to come down stairs while you are here.

So I did the show with no Amanda. Still got paid.

That is one of my many stories.
Message: Posted by: Dario (Oct 10, 2004 07:11AM)
In some places arround the world the magic tricks are still cosidered as magical facts because they belive in the tribal guru, cahmans, spirits and gods...

But at the end I think the guy was true. What we do is not magic, is sleight of hand.

So,never reveal the secret and you can live like a God deep in the jungle.