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Topic: "Do you have a gift?"
Message: Posted by: R2 (Aug 13, 2004 01:13PM)
Last night I performed at http://www.elpasopanache.com
After the show I sat down at the bar.
A very attractive black haired fair skinned woman, "Elizabeth" from San Diego in her mid thirties sat next to me and ordered a 7 & 7.

We small talked a bit and then she said, "ReyRey I need to ask you a very personal question"? I was a bit dismayed. I couldn't possibly imagine what she would ask, so I simply said, "Shoot"!

She asked, "I have a passion for graphic design and body art". "It's my passion, but certainly not a gift. Do you have a gift"? Many thoughts ran through my mind and then I replied, "Sure we all do".

Many folks are truly inspired by what we do in our Art of Performance Magic. We are truly blessed indeed!

p.s. I never asked her what she meant by body art?
She also claims to have once dated a magician who went by the stage name, "Achilles" in San Diego.

Thanks for letting me share~ I love this place!