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Topic: Moien :)
Message: Posted by: Kabuki (Nov 30, 2001 02:20AM)

My name is Steve Wagner. Actually "Moien" means "Hello" in my native language which is Luxemburgish. Thatís also where I live.

Iím 22 and have been performing magic for several years as a hobby. This doesnít mean I donít practice intensly, actually I almost never leave without a deck of cards and some other "props". Yes, Iím a close-up guy ;)

Some books I like : Star Quality - David Regal, Magic Menuís, Drawing Room Deceptions - Guy Hollingworth, Magic of Michael Ammar, Carpenterís Portofolio, Try the impossible by Simon Aronson, etc.

But Iím also highly interested in mentalism and Iím also a magic consultant for a professional illusionist.

I hope this will give you a small insight on me :)

I am really looking forward to having some nice discussions with you,

Best regards,

Message: Posted by: Steve Brooks (Nov 30, 2001 02:28AM)
Welcome! Have a seat and check out our menu........you'll love it! :dancing: :bigdance:
Message: Posted by: Bernard Sim (Nov 30, 2001 05:47AM)
Moien Steve, welcome! :sun:
Message: Posted by: Mya Angel (Nov 30, 2001 06:09AM)
:wavey: Moien Kabuki! :bigsmile:

Welcome to the "Magic Cafe"

Come on in, we're having a party,

a magical party, come on in and join the fun.

:dancing: :banana: :bigdance: :dance:

:banana: :dancing: :dance: :bigdance:

:o: :o: :o: :o: :o: :o: :o: :o: :o:

we're having a party, a magical party!

yea, we're having a party, a magical party.

:bigdance: :banana: :dance: :bigdance:

:dancing: :dancing: :dancing: :dancing:

Mya :cuteangel:
Message: Posted by: Steve Landavazo (Nov 30, 2001 07:10AM)
Hi Steve!

Welcome to, "The Magic Cafe"!

I saw that you like David Regal! Isnít his stuff terrific!

Steve :dancing: :dancing: :dancing: :dancing: :dancing: :dancing: :dancing: :dancing: :dancing: :dancing: :dancing:


Courage is the willingness to be afraid and act anyway!
Message: Posted by: Magicman0323 (Nov 30, 2001 07:37AM)
Welcome to the CAFE !!!

:wavey: :bigdance: :dance: :yippee:
Message: Posted by: Michael Peterson (Nov 30, 2001 07:43AM)
Great to have you with us,who is the illusionist that you do the consulting for :question:

I'm looking forward to your posts, I for one can use a lot of consulting. :bg:

:angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry:
Message: Posted by: Bengi (Nov 30, 2001 08:23AM)

Welcome to The Cafe!!!!!!!!!!

Bengi :wavey:
Message: Posted by: Tom Cutts (Dec 1, 2001 05:37AM)
Welcome to the Magic Giraffee :sun:

In the back I hear they are cookin' up some Luxemburgers just for your arrival party.

:dancing: :bigdance: :dancing: :banana: :dancing:

:dancing: :dance: :dance: :xmastree: :dance: :dance: :bigdance: :dancing:

See you on the boards,

Message: Posted by: Lee Marelli (Dec 1, 2001 09:16AM)
Welome!! We always have room at the mentalist's table for another kindred soul who is interested in the Art of Mentalism. So come join us. We are at the corner table by the window under the sign that says, "A Penny For Your Thoughts"
Message: Posted by: Peter Marucci (Dec 2, 2001 06:25AM)
Welcome aboard, Steve.

Actually, the quote above should read:

"For those who believe, no explanation is necessary. For those who don't believe, screw 'em."

Or something like that! :rotf:


Peter Marucci