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Topic: Fiber Optics
Message: Posted by: Kingry (Aug 16, 2004 04:52PM)
Has anyone seen this? How does it compare to the Tabary videos?
Message: Posted by: shomemagic (Aug 16, 2004 09:50PM)
I have NOT seen this but not wanting to judge, however I can't possibly see how it could even be close in comparison to Tabary.
Message: Posted by: A.J. (Aug 17, 2004 09:58AM)
Richard Sanders is a great thinker and a polished performer. Having seen his "Three Ropes and a Baby" effect performed, I am sure this new DVD project on rope magic will be fantastic. Can't wait to see this.

Message: Posted by: Jonathan P. (Aug 18, 2004 04:09AM)
I agree. I saw him perform his rope routine during a lecture, and it was SO GREAT...

PLEASE, post a review!!!

Message: Posted by: niva (Aug 20, 2004 02:24PM)
I have also seen him perform this and I have to say it is great and VERRRRY VISUAL!!
Message: Posted by: Kingry (Aug 28, 2004 03:19PM)
Just received it yesterday. Some of the moves are similar to Tabarry, but with added finesse that makes it look like trick photography. If you like rope magic you must get this. If you don't like rope magic this will change your mind.
Message: Posted by: Jonathan P. (Aug 30, 2004 05:10AM)
Another one?
Message: Posted by: Tim Trono (Aug 30, 2004 03:08PM)
Fiber Optics is GREAT! I am biased as I am a big fan of Richard Sanders' work but if you want a stunning, practical, working rope routine this is it. It looks like trick photography in many parts- HIGHLY visual! Richard has superb ideas/variations on some of the "standard" rope moves as well as some new never seen ideas. This is a true worker with no cutting or preparation necessary so it is immediately ready to use again. The explanations on the DVD are extremely clear and well thought out. If you are a Richard Sanders fan you must have this and if you are not familiar with his work this is a great intro to his thinking. Highly recommended.

Tim Trono
Message: Posted by: paulsmagic (Sep 1, 2004 08:52AM)
Fiber optics is highly recommended. dvd well done. very good performer and teacher.