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Topic: Best reaction ever... from my little sister!
Message: Posted by: GypsyPirate (Aug 18, 2004 11:32AM)
I have been doing magic for a good four years now, building slowly up until about six months ago, when it really took off. I am 18, and I have a 12 year old little sister, who is very intelligent and mature, and is more like 32. She is always the first person I show my tricks to, because she will be honest and tell me how to improve, if it was actually good, or what. Needless to say, she has gotten very sharp and it is very hard to fool her. She may be impressed, but she always figures the stuff out... I'm serious, anything.

I don't think I have ever once actually amazed her freaked her out until last night. It was great. She was laying in bed with my mom and we were just talking about me leaving for college (tomorrow.) Before I went in there, I had put a pair of nail clippers in my pocket, so I could use them later when I went to bed. After sitting there talking for a while, I began playing with the clippers without realizing it, when my sister asked me if I could go and get her the nail clippers since she was already in bed. It took about two seconds for the irony of the situation to sink in, as I already had the clippers in a nice finger palm. It took another two seconds for me to reach up, show my hands empty, and materialize fingernail clippers out of mid-air.

She smiled for a second, thinking I was just acting like I was going to do it, and then sat straight up all at once with her mouth open. She then, just as quickly, buried her face in her pillow and screamed. My mom was also pretty freaked out.

It was great. This was of course a very rare opportunity and I was so tickled I and proud for seizing the moment, I had to share it with you all. (And this is a nice farewell to my "New User" status, as it is my 100th post.)

My most memorable reaction yet.
Message: Posted by: jrbobik (Aug 18, 2004 12:09PM)
Mine was a long time ago. The lady I was dating at that time had just got back from seeing a movie called magic. Anthony Hopkins started in it. It was a horror love story. Not a great movie but creepy.

It was about a magicians that did a ventriloquist act and the dummy was alive or so it seemed to Anthony Hopkins anyway one of the effects he did in the movie was a pick a card routine and the card that was selected was the 3 of clubs (I believe it was but has been awhile). So she gets home and calls me and tells me about the movie and asks if I could do that effect. I said sure and I could do it over the phone. I did a slightly different version. Well when all was said and done and she turned over the card from the deck she was using and it was the 3 of clubs. She lived 10 miles away from me.

All I remember is a shriek and the phone went dead. She did not talk to me for two weeks. It was only then that I learned it was the same card from the movie.
Some of her friends told me I actually had scared the wits out of her. I never did get back together with her. I wonder why :)

Message: Posted by: GypsyPirate (Aug 18, 2004 01:08PM)
Haha! That's great! I guess irony grants everyone one or two big coinsidenses. Wow... now I wonder if I shouldn't show my girlfriend tricks...
Message: Posted by: jrbobik (Aug 19, 2004 08:06AM)
Go ahead and show her. It is a real test to see if she is the right one for you!

My wife of 15 years loves to watch me perform. However she is even more truthful when watching my performance then I would like. It does make me work harder which is a great thing.
Message: Posted by: R2 (Aug 19, 2004 01:16PM)
Very nice little occurrence Mark! You are a big brother that just grew a little bigger in her eyes.

John...the name of the movie was called "Magic" which also starred Burgess Meredith I believe? I love the synchronicity here folks! Thanks for letting us share in on them both!
Message: Posted by: Angela (Aug 21, 2004 05:08PM)
Way to take advantage of the situation! I just love coincidence. When I was ten, I had my sister pick a card... really fairly, no forcing. Just for fun, I decided to tap into my "psychic powers" to find out what the card was. I took a shot in the dark: "Eight of hearts," I said in a low, mysterious voice.
"WHAT!? What did you say???!!!" she screamed at me.
I didn't reply to that because I was afraid to ruin it.
"Ace of hearts!!! That was it!"

So... it's a darn good thing that I was very quiet, and she heard what she did. And I'm really really lucky to have thought of that card, even if it wasn't hers. :) May coincidence shine its light more often.

Message: Posted by: YousifS (Oct 6, 2004 11:27PM)
I know what you mean Angela. One time I was trying out a riffle force and my finger caught up in the cards pretty badly. I totally messed it up in front of a large group. I then was talking about how before I did this trick to another spectator and they chose the Ace of clubs. Little did I know the spectator glanced at the SAME card. She freaked when I told them. I guess they all thought it was part of the story line. Hehe.
Message: Posted by: The Great Blackwell (Oct 11, 2004 12:36AM)
I had an odd experience that worked in my favor but was not quite as shocking as yours with the nail clipper or card selections...

My wife and I were at her company Christmas party a couple of years ago. I know the folks she works with and they're very nice, but I don't have as much in commomn with them as she does. By the time we all sat down to eat, I'd kind of run out of things to say for the moment.

As we took our seats, I was admiring the beautiful table setting and pushed my knife over just a bit to straighten it there between the plate and spoon. To my suprise, the spoon jumped back alongside it! I almost jumped myself and I quickly looked up at those seated around me.

No one saw what happened, so I picked up the knife and to my surprise, the spoon followed! It clung to the knife and as I moved by hand slowly, the spoon slid around but stayed right there stuck to the knife! Within seconds, everyone at our table saw what I was doing. Soon, the people at nearby tables were gasping and pointing. I couldn't really believe my luck and smiled as other people tried the stunt and failed.

You can bet I never let that magnetized knife out of my sight, and I got more respect than usual when I did a few more impromptu effects. But, I never figured out how that one knife that matched all the others became magnetized. If anyone can help me on this, I'd love an explanation! THANKS!! -Dave
Message: Posted by: Scruffy the Clown (Oct 17, 2004 09:12PM)
My favorite remark was made by a bus kid years ago.I was clowning on a church bus and just did a smple thumb tip vanish and one kid said "I know how you did that!"
How? I said . "How do you think I did it?

Dead serious. His response was "Magic!"

I wish other audiences were as easy to convince!