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Topic: Sick Dove?
Message: Posted by: Bryan Gilles (Aug 19, 2004 12:50PM)
One of my doves hasn't been himself recently. His feathers have been ruffled like he is cold and I've noticed the droppings in the bottom of the cage doesn't look like the "normal bird poo." Should I separate him from my other doves or does this sound like a digestive concern. Any ideas?
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Message: Posted by: sperris (Aug 19, 2004 12:59PM)
My dove had issues like that and I ended up separating him, you never know what it might be and how contageous it is. If it's been happening for awhile take him to the vet and maybe bring a long a sample of the bird poo in case the vet wants to examine it for bacteria or whatever. You may need to orally inject antibiotic or something a few times a day depending on what the vet says. Have you noticed any weight loss or eye gunk or any other things?

Message: Posted by: g0thike (Aug 19, 2004 04:37PM)
Separate him in another room, some diseases are airborne. You don't want all your birds to get sick.

Message: Posted by: kregg (Aug 19, 2004 05:30PM)
If indoors: Make certain the air conditioning isn't blowing on the bird. Also, if you cook with teflon this can wipe out birds.

If outside: Make sure the water is fresh and be aware of West Nile.
Message: Posted by: Dave Scribner (Aug 19, 2004 09:51PM)
Bryan, don't mess around with it. Take the dove to a vet. Doves are very susceptible to respiratory infections and it won't just go away. The vet can give you some antibiotic.

The advice to separate it from the other birds is a good one. A small disease can spread quickly to the other birds.
Message: Posted by: JustinDavid (Aug 21, 2004 12:42AM)
Listen to Dave on this. Birds are very hard to read. They can be fine one minute and horrible the next.

I found a bird last week. The doctor said it was a baby hawk. I fed him from a syringe every two hours for a week. He seemed to be doing great. I woke up one morning and found it almost dead, with a lump in his throat of all undigested food. Something can go wrong in a heartbeat, so don't take too long to get it checked. Remember they are pets before props.
Message: Posted by: Bryan Gilles (Aug 22, 2004 07:38AM)
Thanks guys... I took my bird into the vet and he took a good look at him. Turns out it is a respiratory infection. I have that bird separate from my others and started the antibiotic treatment.
Message: Posted by: Dave Scribner (Aug 22, 2004 08:15AM)
Good deal. Always better to be safe with the little guys. Respiratory infections are common with doves. Glad to see you taking care of the little guys.
Message: Posted by: magic559 (Aug 27, 2004 08:52PM)
Was it easy for the vet to diagnose the bird? I have visited a few vets with my birds and most of them seem like they haven't worked with birds in quite a while... especially doves. I'm curious if they even know what they are looking at.
Message: Posted by: Dave Scribner (Aug 28, 2004 06:44AM)
Aviary is a specialty and not all vets are fully trained in bird health. The best thing to do look for a vet that advertises as an aviary doctor. For example, I had a bird that scratched itself under it's eye and got a pretty deep cut. The emergency doctor I went to knew how to stop the bleeding but didn't know how to fix the wound properly. He referred me to an aviary doctor who sealed it up with superglue.

It's kind of like going to you own doctor for rash and being referred to a skin specialist.

Bird vets aren't any more expensive that regular vets but they know what to do and how to treat the little guys.
Message: Posted by: magic559 (Aug 28, 2004 08:59AM)
Thanks for the advice Dave. Next time I'll look for an aviary vet.
Message: Posted by: Richard_Moor (Sep 28, 2004 04:18PM)

I also think one of my doves may be sick. His left foot seems to be very weak when he perches on my hand and he is walking with a slight limp. When you look at the foot closely it seems to be swollen, a little like a blister.

Do you guys have any idea what this could be or know a possible cure? I have seperated the bird and currently keeping him indoors but it is going to be at least a day before I can get to a vet so want to know if there is anything I can do in the mean time?

Thanks in advance

Message: Posted by: Bob Sanders (Sep 29, 2004 07:49PM)
Dave brings in an interesting point, as he often does. Vets have specialities too. Having been ranch-raised, I was very aware of two major types of vets: large animal and small animal. Large animal vets worked a lot with the cows and horses and the small animals vets worked with the dogs, cats, etc.

A real shock for me was moving to Fayetteville, Arkansas and learning that the most common type vet there was limited to chickens. But who was the big money animal man there? Tyson Chicken! I had just never met Vets in a rodeo arena before who were chicken vets! They really knew their stuff! Being a dove magician, I found them to be priceless. (As a cowboy, I found that they could still cowboy up too!)

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