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Topic: Please Read, Need Lots of Help
Message: Posted by: Kfmagic (Aug 20, 2004 05:17PM)

My name is matt and I am BRAND NEW to this forum. First post. I consider myself a intermeditate card magician. I have a couple of questions to ask. Well first let me explain that I have been a buyer/member of penguin for a long time, and after reading one post on this site, I am probably not going to go back. But the problem is that is the extent of dvds and books,etc.. that I have been exposed to. I have just kind of heard of some names like Darwin Oritz, Aaron Fisher, Jerry Lanero, etc.. So if you could please help me out on some reviews and reccomendations for card magic from Darwin Ortiz, Larry Jennings, Alan Ackerman, Richard Osterlind, and any other outstanding dvds. Thanks so MUCh. By the way, I have spent awhile on the search page and have came up with about nothing.
Message: Posted by: petersd (Aug 20, 2004 05:38PM)
Why would you not go back to Penguin? If they have treated you well then why take other opinions into account.

Message: Posted by: Harry Murphy (Aug 20, 2004 07:48PM)
Try the search function on each of the names you listed and you will find several threads discussing various books, tapes, and DVD's featuring those very magicians.
Message: Posted by: Aron Devin (Aug 20, 2004 09:30PM)
Welcome Matt,

I don't know if they are still available but "The Lost Secrets Of Brother John Hamman" DVD set is one of the best things I've ever seen with my eyes. The stuff on here is phenomenally phenomenal and will provide you with enough material, ideas, and practice to last you quite some time. I've scorched fellow magicians with the stuff on these DVD's and I'm sure you could too.
Message: Posted by: Basil (Aug 20, 2004 10:02PM)
I second the suggestion for "The Lost Secrets of Brother John Hamman" DVD set (or "The Secrets of Brother John Hamman" book by Richard Kaufman). Just don't expect the DVD set to be a slickly produced magic video. These were originally home videos made by Richard Kaufman to help him write the Brother Hamman book. There's tons of clever magic on this set.

I also recommend anything by John Bannon. Like Brother John Hammon, John Bannon's magic is very clever without being too hard to perform.

Message: Posted by: Magic Marty (Aug 23, 2004 01:55PM)
I reccomend Bill Malone's "On the Loose" series. It is a set of 4 DVDs packed with magic you can use in almost any situation. Most of the material isn't too difficult, but with practice, you can master everything from the set.

Best of luck to you Matt.

Message: Posted by: Dave Le Fevre (Aug 26, 2004 06:07AM)
On 2004-08-20 18:38, petersd wrote:
Why would you not go back to Penguin?[/quote]

Because of the numerous questions that have been raised regarding their ethics?