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Topic: Opportunity Knocks - Marketing when out in public
Message: Posted by: magic4u02 (Aug 22, 2004 12:30PM)
I had an inncident that happened today that made me remember a few very important marketing tips that I used to do but had long since forgotten about. But it happened today and made me realize how very important they really are. Allow me to explain.

I was out with my wife and we were in line at a KFC waiting to order. A little girl (age about 6-7) and her mom came over to buy a bouncy ball from a machine near by. I said to myself awwww there is a perfect magic opportunity.

What was weird was that I thought it but never once thought hey DO soemthing about it.. not just think it. Take action on it.

Well, before I could get the chance to do some sort of magic for the child.. they started walking away to the car. Now fate may have it (or the higher powers that be) but the balkl bounced out of the girls hand and rolled directly towards me. hehe

I knew right then that I had a GOLDEN opportunity to not only do some magic but to make the girl giggle and laugh and have fun for a minute. So I did some standard billiard ball moves but allthemed around how important it was to wash behind the ears.

It took no more then 45 seconds tops but the girl had a blast and her mom was smiling. I said as they walked away that kids are a lot of fun as I perform magic for kids all the time.

Now STUPID me forgot a golden lesson here. Always be prepared with a business card in hand or some sort of marketing material to hand the lady.

Well before I recalled my blunder, the lady and girl had walked out the door. However, 10 seconds later the lady comes back in and walks right up to me.

She says, "Thanks, my girl had so much fun with you. Do you have a business card?" Sure enough I had a card in hand ready to give to her.

There are several points to this story that I learned, or shall I say Re-learned:

1) ALWAYS carry business cards with you no matter where you go or what situation you are in. You should have them on you at all times.

2) There are a TON of great opportunities every day in public that we can do some magic and make a difference to someone.

This does not mean being rude or intruding. But there are opportunities all the time where it could be quite appropriate to do a little quick visual magic that can make someones day.

3) I learned that I really need to do this more often. I need to make it a habit so I do it naturally. Instead of thinking about doing it, I need to always be ready to just DO it.

4) All of these small little public magic performances can be an AWESOME way to market yourself to people and it costs you nothing at all. It just means having cards ready with you, the ability to do a quick magic for the person and then just handing them a card.

I am so amazed this happened today. It made me realize how such a small thing like that makes a difference to a child and how I marketed myself and possibly will get a gig from just a simple little trick.

With this said, do any you also do this on a daily basis? What simple tricks do you always have ready to go at a moment's notice? Do you carry business cards everywhere you go?

I would love to hear more about this and what opthers do or have tried. I have known this for years but why I never did anything about it, I will never know.

It just really made my day.

Message: Posted by: Andini (Aug 22, 2004 09:32PM)
I don't do it as much as I really should, but the sponge balls are awesome to have on you everywhere. Fun, colorful, interactive magic at its best.

Thanks for posting, Kyle! I'll have my sponge balls with me everywhere I go from now on!
Message: Posted by: Brent Allan (Aug 23, 2004 11:28AM)
I make very sure I have business cards with me at all times. I keep some in my magic case, I carry a bunch in my car, and in a pinch, I always have 3 or 4 in my wallet.
Message: Posted by: Magical Dimensions (Aug 24, 2004 11:50AM)
Thanks for reminding us about the spur of the moment opportunities that we are face with everyday. I have been so focus on getting the big contracts and doing shows, that I forgot about the little things. Things that I did when I first started doing magic.

It is good to share our magic with a stranger and to see their face light up. It makes that person feel special and it surly makes the magician warm with the knowledge that they have made someone smile. Of course it is nice to get a gig from it also.

Message: Posted by: magic4u02 (Aug 24, 2004 04:40PM)

It certainly does that and then some. It also is a great way to get your name out in the public as well as making someone smile. I just had forgotten about getting in the habit of doing magic when opportunities knock.

Message: Posted by: AragorntheMagician (Aug 25, 2004 03:59PM)
For the last several months when I go out I am "Aragorn The Magician". My outfit is a cross between the Rens. Fair & Arabian Nights. What pushed me over the edge was a Cellenni Lecture. He lived his character. Also I have been thinking of what Harry Anderson said, "So many magician's like to think up tricks but don't develope their character (which is the most important)". I've alway done 3-4 random acts of magic during the day but I now do 15 - 20. I make a lot of kids and their parents smile. My job is to be a "Court Jester"!!! And I always have my business card handy.

Aragorn TM
aka: Bob
Message: Posted by: themagicofjoseph (Aug 26, 2004 08:59PM)
Hi Kyle,
I have gotten into the habit of carring a few things around ( unless I'm wearing cargo pants...then every pocket is filled). I carry:
1" brass ring/ shoe lace
1 1/2" brass ring
7 pennys
Paper clips
Ring leader
CMH, break and restore/ band shark vedio
7 pennys...put 7 in their hand, you pull one thru their hand, now 6 left.
2 or 3 spongeball routines
Few card tricks
The Opener (mental metal bending)
These are in order "carry" #1 = Routine #1 etc.
I carry more when I know that I'm going to go out and practice walk around, but these are my usuals. I also have "Rinkey Dinky" that's always on my key chain...so I try to have someting.
Message: Posted by: NJJ (Sep 9, 2004 03:34AM)
My problem is I seldom work up the guts to perform without being asked...or hired.

Message: Posted by: Paddy (Sep 9, 2004 07:13AM)
Good point Kyle. In fact my wife brought up some magic stuff, ballons, and ballon pump while I was waiting for my surgery a couple of weeks ago. (On Monday Aug 23rd I had a four way cardiac bypass) She also brought up our colouring sheets of me in clown costume with our restaurant schedule and contact info on the back.

I walked around the cardiac unit doing magic and balloons that Sunday before my surgery on Monday Aug 23rd. Sill not working but the people dropping by my room and the calls we got at home from people thanking me for doing magic and makeing balloon sculptures helped me heal and let me know the value of what we do.

Funny that I am the marketing part of our team and she thought of doing that.

Message: Posted by: Donald Dunphy (Sep 9, 2004 08:20AM)
On 2004-09-09 08:13, Paddy wrote:
In fact my wife brought up some magic stuff, ballons, and ballon pump while I was waiting for my surgery a couple of weeks ago. (On Monday Aug 23rd I had a four way cardiac bypass) [/quote]

Congrats on the success of your surgery, Peter. I hope that you are feeling much better.

Your story, and this thread, reminded me of our hospital visit back in the spring. My wife had to have gall bladder surgery. I was out doing shows solo (we usually work together), and came to visit her dressed in my tux.

Naturally, this aroused the curiousity of the nurse, who wondered if I was coming from a wedding. I explained what I did (did not perform any magic for her), gave her a business card.

2 months later the nurse called and booked our deluxe show for her son's birthday party.

It pays to carry those business cards, and to dress sharp for a hospital visit to your wife. :)

- Donald.
Message: Posted by: Dr_Stephen_Midnight (Sep 15, 2004 08:50AM)
Opportunities can be thinly disguised by negative events.

Earlier this week I had to go to a local municipal building to pay a minor traffic citation (yes, I know, bad doctor...bad doctor).

Anyway, after paying my debt to the city, I hotfooted it up to the office that handles city festivals and special events and got the director's card.

I also went next door to a fancy restaurant, hotel and conference center where I had parked, getting the general manager's card.

I put together media packages and mailed to both, and will phone them later this week.

I might get much more back from this incident than I had to pay out to the traffic court. :)

Message: Posted by: TheDean (Sep 15, 2004 11:23AM)
Knock, Knock!

Good to see you guys answering the door.


I am at your service and In His Service,