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Topic: The Super Bouncy Ball Witness
Message: Posted by: x-treem (Aug 11, 2002 04:40AM)
My favorite, I believe, is original. At the college I attended, all the entrance doors were locked after 9 pm and a door attendant sat at the door and let people in, if they did not live there, but were students with a student ID stopping for a visit to one of the rooms. From there the visitor had to use the phone in the hallway to call their friend that lived in the dorm to come down and sign them in and let that person into the next set of doors that lead to the rooms. I found this to be a great place to witness.

The visitor had to wait while their friend was coming down to sign them in so I would stand in the hallway with a super ball, those little ones from the gumball machines, and I would bounce it off the wall, a lot of the time the ball would go errant and the visitor would retrieve it for me. To thank them I’d make the ball disappear, via a French Drop, when I opened my hand to show it was empty the ball would come bouncing back to me from the wall and I’d go back to my bouncing as if nothing had happened, I also said nothing to them beside thank you.

Since this a public forum I will not give you the “how to” on the finish. The dorm occupant would be there by that time and let the visitor in.

That act however had instilled a seed into the visitor. “Who was that guy?” “How did he do that?” “How long has he been standing there?” By 11 pm I usually had a small group of exiting visitors, who had had an encounter with me on the way in, watching and/or bouncing the ball with me in a small group circle and the Lord would take it from there.

How about you?
Message: Posted by: BroDavid (Aug 14, 2002 01:46PM)
I like it X-Treem!

It is always interesting to watch people's reaction to a bit of magic. And then to see them warm up to you.

It gives you the start of a relationship that allows you to share "who you are" and what makes you that way :smiletear:

Nice simple effect. But carrying it out as casually as you do, makes it interesting.

Keep up the good work!

Message: Posted by: Maynooth (Aug 19, 2002 06:51AM)

Check out Daryls 'bounce-no-bounce balls' it sounds like it's right up your alley and would fit into what you are already doing.

Maynooth :where:
Message: Posted by: sdgiu (Nov 9, 2002 08:25AM)
Sly as serpents yet harmless as doves.
That is great x-treem I love the concept.
Keep up the good work.