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Topic: Cheap Strait Jacket
Message: Posted by: what the...? (Aug 24, 2004 12:21PM)
What would be the cheapest strait jacket I could get, and where could I get it?

Message: Posted by: Dr_Stephen_Midnight (Aug 24, 2004 12:31PM)
The least expensive option I could think of would be a standard Human Restraint Co. jacket (no crotch strap) ordered directly from Human Restraint Co.

Message: Posted by: Roslyn (Aug 24, 2004 04:38PM)
You could try http://www.erestraint.com they have poseys complete with front and side loops advertised on ebay for about $130.00 starting bid. Never purchased from them though.

I have bought stuff from humane restraint and the service is great. Plus they generally sort out any special requests you may have.

Talking of great service. The cannons at http://www.cannonsgreatescapes.com are up there with the best of them. Not the cheapest, but do have a great selection of escape bits and bobs.

Talking of the cannons, has anyone heard from Ian recently? It's not been the same without him hanging around the Café.

Message: Posted by: Carron (Aug 26, 2004 08:30AM)
If I were you Brian I'd wait and buy a very good quality straight jacket which may cost more but will last a lot longer and be more durable to perform with in the future

Message: Posted by: what the...? (Aug 26, 2004 12:10PM)
What price ranges am I looking at?

Message: Posted by: The Donster (Aug 27, 2004 06:58AM)
Price Ranges for a Cheap Jacket like $50.00 and UP. but why buy a CHEAP one get one that is Decently Made. be sure the Canvas/Leather is a good heavy Quality. Don,
Message: Posted by: Margarette (Aug 27, 2004 08:38AM)
Actually, in Party City, I saw a Hannibal Lecter combination kit (straitjacket and mask) for about $35. I did look at the straitjacket, and it's not even made of lightweight canvas...just a thin cotton blend material. Of course, it is only meant to be a costume and not an escape/restraint device.

Message: Posted by: Reis O'Brien (Aug 27, 2004 09:42AM)
Margaerette... believe it or not, I actually saw this guy billing himself as "The Master Self-Liberator" rolling around in one of those halloween costume jackets like he was Houdini himself. The saddest thing is that the audience fell for it.
Message: Posted by: Roslyn (Aug 27, 2004 04:20PM)
Just goes to show it's not what you do I guess.

Message: Posted by: MagicbyCarlo (Sep 6, 2004 09:10PM)
Brian, like most things Strait Jackets aren't one size fits all. A regulation jacket will be sized to fit. Gimmicked jackets will also vary. You'll just have to shop around for the one that fits your needs and budget.
Message: Posted by: MaGiShN46 (Sep 14, 2004 02:36PM)
Cheapest ive seen is $200
Message: Posted by: MarkTripp (Sep 14, 2004 06:23PM)
Years ago I had an audience member break the straps on an Abbott jacket (brand new) he was putting me in.

Needless to say, QUALITY is the key here....
Message: Posted by: pastorclyde (Sep 16, 2004 08:39AM)
JFYI- Humane restraint jackets can be purchased for under $130 for regulation, under $150 for 'magical' and under $200 for 'magical lined with leather.' plus shipping.