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Topic: A place for us magic "inventors" to post about things we're thinking of marketing???
Message: Posted by: FTAMagician (Aug 26, 2004 04:37PM)
Not sure if there IS a place for that on here...maybe one could be opened????

Always thought it was ironic that if somebody came up with something REALLY FANTASTIC...we'd all miss out on it here as there's no plce for them to talk about it!!!!

I'm currenty working on a NEW 'n improved version of something I marketed a couple years ago...that I think would be WELL recieved...but just need a place on here to share about it and get feedback!!

Any thoughts?????
Message: Posted by: blindbo (Aug 26, 2004 05:24PM)
Try the "let there be magic" forum under the General Magic heading.
Message: Posted by: FTAMagician (Aug 27, 2004 06:56PM)
Thanks!!! That's one I usually don't check...guess I need to!!
Message: Posted by: Steve Brooks (Aug 29, 2004 05:00AM)
That's good advice [b]blindbo[/b], I agree. :)