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Topic: I got one.
Message: Posted by: JustinDavid (Aug 29, 2004 04:45PM)
Well, after all the talk I bought a conure. I got the cage and all for a decent price, and he's great. He's got somewhat of a nipping problem, but he has no problem getting onto my gloved hand (for now) and he loves my shoulder. Anything I should do to stop the nipping?... Also, he's only squawed loud a few times, and he is relatively quiet. Other then the responses to me, and the dancing =P... He also loves the top of his cage...
Message: Posted by: Jkta99 (Aug 29, 2004 07:26PM)
What type of conure?
Message: Posted by: JustinDavid (Aug 29, 2004 09:56PM)
Green Cheek
Message: Posted by: Lou Hilario (Aug 30, 2004 07:50AM)
You must NOT use gloves. Just start giving treats with your hand. Eventually, he will step in your hand. From then, you must start disensitizing him by touching him all over and building a trust relationship. Good Luck!
Message: Posted by: Bob Sanders (Aug 30, 2004 09:59AM)

Congratulations on your new bird. It is good news that he likes the top of his cage. It is a very practical "safe spot" for him when he gets upset. Most do like a high "safe spot" and it is bad news if it is not practical for you. They aren't always welcome everywhere.


Magic By Sander
Message: Posted by: Jkta99 (Aug 30, 2004 12:52PM)
What are you going to be using him for b/c conures in general tend to be loud and I think they must like to hear themselves scream b/c when we had two of them they didn't stop.
Message: Posted by: JustinDavid (Aug 30, 2004 07:15PM)
Yes, this one is actually pretty mute. In a dark place he doesn't make a peep. He is jsut SO mean. He bites, and hard. I took the gloves off today Lou, thanks. He still stepped up so that was good. But in my hand he will NOT let me touch any part of him. He will go for my other hand if I do. What are good training treats for them?.. something I can give him repeatitively without him getting sick, or not want to eat. Any ideas?.. thanks guys!
Message: Posted by: Jkta99 (Aug 30, 2004 08:57PM)
Go slow with it, he has to build up his trust in you. Look for signs when he is comfortable, if the bird isn't then they will not be happy.

And just a little fact for everyone It is NOT a natural behavior for a bird to bite a person to the point of bleeding. If your bird bites you this hard it is your fault. Birds will give you signs that they are uncomfortable, it is up to you to pick up on those signs.

Back to your topic Justin, you could try sunflower seeds, bread, or anything that is usually not given to him that he likes. If you feed him sunflower seeds regularly (which you shouldn't) but if you did this then sunflower seeds would not entice him. You want to give him something that is sweet. Try oranges, carrots, broccoli, apples, or grapes.