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Topic: T.T. Advice
Message: Posted by: SofaKingCool (Aug 31, 2004 09:30AM)
Hi, I am new here. Does anyone know where I can get a thumbtip that matches my skin tone better. when I stick a silk in the fake thumb it turns the thumb a differnt color.

Message: Posted by: DonDriver (Aug 31, 2004 10:10AM)
If you use a TT the right way,it dosen't matter what color it is.Gary Darwin has several good books out on the TT.(tt thinking and two others)You can get them at any magic shop on line.
Hope this helped,Don
Message: Posted by: Michael Baker (Aug 31, 2004 10:11AM)
Some TTs, like Vernet are somewhat translucent. I used to laugh about being able to read the serial number of a bill through one. The best option for this type is to use a color of silk that is of the "Warm" color variety: red, orange, yellow, pink. These are closer to normal skin hues. The "Cooler" colors, green, blue, and purple will cause it to look like you smacked yourself with a hammer.

Another option is to use the soft vinyl TT. They are typically opaque.

Either of these two options is only as valid as your ability to draw fire away from the "bad" hand with your direction of attention. Keep them focused on something they believe to be more important and you could be wearing a chrome plated TT. (It's been done!)
Message: Posted by: SofaKingCool (Aug 31, 2004 10:17AM)
Thanks for the advice Michael and Don.

I will look into the books. I guess I will work on my presentation and handling more to misdirect attention away from the tt.
Message: Posted by: Reis O'Brien (Aug 31, 2004 10:18AM)
There's a lot to be said about the proper handling of a TT. I once saw a lecture on some TT effects where the magician used a TT painted bright blue, and we still couldn't see it! So don't worry too much about exact color hue. With the right handling, it can still be downright invisible.
Message: Posted by: Niko (Aug 31, 2004 10:40AM)
What's better to use: a 'soft' tip or a 'hard' tip?

I guess it's personal opinion, but what do you guys use?

Message: Posted by: Michael Baker (Aug 31, 2004 10:50AM)
I prefer the hard tips, because I have had the soft ones sweat and suction themselves to my thumb. The hard ones give me more substance to push against in this instance, and are less prone to this airlock. Of course, that is likely a personal problem with a personal solution.
Message: Posted by: BroDavid (Aug 31, 2004 12:28PM)
I prefer the soft ones, becuase the hard ones seem to leave a pressure ring on my T, and after a hard day's work, they irriate my skin.

I have used the soft ones in damp, humid weather, inside and out, and never had one stick to my thumb.

In my case, I guess my thumb is just too big for the hrad ones, and I has used the soft ones enough that they now fit me great.

I rotate among three of them, keep a different kind of streamer rolled up in them. It keep the streamer flat and makes it easy to find the streamer and TT in my pocket.

So as was said previously, it all a personal opinion.

Message: Posted by: Niko (Aug 31, 2004 01:24PM)
What's the difference between soft and hard? I have a pair of D'Lites - are they soft or hard?

Message: Posted by: blindbo (Aug 31, 2004 06:57PM)
The D'lites are hard.
Message: Posted by: JackDaniel (Sep 1, 2004 04:32AM)
Also perfer hard tips, the Thumbs Up (hard) is great, and really invisible.
I only use the soft one for card shooting etc.

Message: Posted by: irossall (Sep 1, 2004 05:04AM)
On 2004-08-31 11:50, Michael Baker wrote:
I prefer the hard tips, because I have had the soft ones sweat and suction themselves to my thumb. The hard ones give me more substance to push against in this instance, and are less prone to this airlock. Of course, that is likely a personal problem with a personal solution.
I would sometimes have the "airlock" problem, the TT would want to come off with the air pressure while pushing it on. I now us a TT with a very small hole in the tip and now I never have that problem. Of course I still must use a regular TT for my "pea can" effect.
Iven :patty:
Message: Posted by: The Magician (Sep 22, 2004 10:56AM)
I love the Thumb Tip because you can do so much with them
Message: Posted by: what (Sep 22, 2004 12:45PM)
I like the soft tips. Lately, I prefer the eclipse tip By Jay Scott Berry. The handling seems very natural to me.
Message: Posted by: Werner G. Seitz (Sep 22, 2004 01:35PM)
No comments, just a little tip..

Some tight fitting TTs can de difficult to remove and sometimes even to get put on..

I have always done a counteraction re this, as it is the *air* inside that causes the prob..

Air can be compressed, but still it can give probs..

Soo, simply drill a hole somewhere in the front of the TT, I always did is at an edge section of the nail, but it can almost be anywhere, as long as it is in the front..
It allows air to pass..in and out...

The size is up to you..of course not a big hole, I always could settle at 2-3 mm in , but it can be larger..
Message: Posted by: erictan8888 (Sep 22, 2004 05:14PM)

for me, when I use a tt and to prevent it from being stuck, I normally sprinkle a little powder into the TT... it sort of absorbs the stickyness that comes from the moisture on the thumb and makes taking off the TT easier....

that works for me....

eric :)
Message: Posted by: Brad Burt (Sep 25, 2004 02:57PM)

The harder plastic tips like those Vernet (pronounced ver-net by the by) made famous are virtually all somewhat translucent. The color varies widely between them.

The soft tips are not in fact vinyl which is what I thought for years, but latex rubber and the best are still made in Japan. I and many other dealers have them in stock. They tend to be opaque and with seams. They are also a much more matte finish in hue which is nice. I personally prefer them, but I'll use anything up to and including my impromptu tip that I'll describe below......

Brad's Impromptu Thumb Tips:

#1- Aluminum foil can make a workable tip VERY fast. I have used them in original silver color, but you can also cover them with BAND AID tape from, well, Band Aids!

#2- At the beginning of a meal in a place that has paper napkins take about half (You will want to experiment here) of a napkin and soak it down with water. Mold to your thumb squeezing out all the excess water you can. Place carefully in pocket to dry for as much time as possible. You will be surprised at how well one of these goofy things will work in a pinch! Good luck,

brad burt
Message: Posted by: madisonmagicshow (Sep 26, 2004 12:15AM)
Good advise! Of all the 'fancy' tricks I have, this has to be one of the simplest and one of the best!
Message: Posted by: poppa (Sep 27, 2004 08:00PM)
So what does everyone prefer?

the classic vernet hard tip or one of the newer latex soft tips?
Message: Posted by: Mike Walton (Sep 27, 2004 08:41PM)
I used to use a soft tip, but it seems the hard tip fits better and matches my skin a little closer. On the flip side, I'll use anything that's in my magic tool bag, as I have several TTs. Correct fit is most important in my book but just about anything will make do as long as it fits fairly well.
Message: Posted by: Daniel Santos (Sep 29, 2004 02:08PM)
I like hard thumbtips for some things, and the soft ones for others. Remember that the T.T., I bleive, shouldn't really fit over your knuckle, as you need space to load the silk and have only a limited amount of space that your finger can still fit in. I said this before, but at a local magic shop the owner was doing a trick with a thumbtip for somebody. I was watching from a totally different angle and I didn't catch him. The surprising thing is that when he showed the guy the trick (after buying the T.T.) he showed a T.T. made out of BLACK ELECTRICIAN'S TAPE.....odd, but it worked great! Check out Daytona Magic for a large variety of T.T.s I would also reccommend Vernet. You should buy their false finger set. Good luck!

Daniel Santos