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Topic: Banachek's PSI Series 1-4
Message: Posted by: WR (Aug 31, 2004 11:19AM)
I don't know if there is a review here akready but I had to Chime in.
These are great!! I highly suggest them to mentalis or bizarest both. My favorite is Vol4.
Message: Posted by: FTAMagician (Aug 31, 2004 07:10PM)
Yep!! I got all 4 and they ARE great!!! Anything by "Banachek" always IS!!

Got the latest "MAGIC" today and Mike Close gave 'em a GOOD review too!!!

Anybody else make Mike's "Market Place" the first thing they read when they recieve "MAGIC"????
Message: Posted by: weepinwil (Aug 31, 2004 09:03PM)
I too have recently purchased the series from a Café member and have enjoyed what I have seen of it so far. I especially like the spoon bending technique and also the add a number gave me an idea for incorporating into an effect I already do.
Message: Posted by: WR (Sep 3, 2004 05:36PM)
This and SIMON LOVELL 3 DVD are all I need for a while.
Message: Posted by: debaser (Sep 3, 2004 10:47PM)
I thought the number 4 was great but the first 3 were about 15% good each.
Message: Posted by: Magic Dave (Sep 4, 2004 09:50AM)
My favorite was volume 2.
Message: Posted by: calexa (Sep 12, 2005 09:40AM)
Vol.2 is wonderful. The "Invisible Palm Top" is so subtle, and the method behind the booktest is just such a great idea!

Message: Posted by: love2laugh (Sep 12, 2005 04:40PM)
I also like these DVDs. I'm not much of a mentalist but they were extremely entertaining. Cool stuff!!!
Message: Posted by: jonnygold (Sep 15, 2005 08:35AM)
I like Banachek way of entertaining people.
SIMON LOVELL is one of the most nutty magicians I know.
Message: Posted by: shaunproof (Sep 15, 2005 08:44AM)
This is a great series. However, most of this stuff is close-up mentalism. If you are looking for more stage type routines, the Osterlind dvds have better material. I hope that one day Banachek has a dvd which teaches the stuff he does in his stage shows.