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Topic: ESPnvelope
Message: Posted by: mindhunter (Aug 31, 2004 08:13PM)
To respond to several PMs regarding my new mentalism effect that I mention in the "Inner Thoughts" forum:

It is available for sale to anyone interested in Mentalism, not just those that frequent that board or are eligible to post there. (The reason that I offered the free-for-review copies in that forum is that those that frequent there have a great dedication to just mentalism.)

Message: Posted by: johne (Sep 1, 2004 07:30AM)
Since Bryn posted this hear, I wanted to make an effort to cut and paste my review from the "Inner Thoughts."

I received my ESPnvelope yesterday. Ron, I don't think you, or anyone else will be disappointed with their purchase. I have worked with the same type of principle, but Bryn has definitely taken advantage of newer technologies which, in my opinion, takes it to the next level.

I'll start from the beginning...I had been waiting around for several days to get my hands on this. I had privately asked Bryn if he could simply put this effect in a plain, ordinary envelope, as I wanted to receive this effect at work. He obliged, and promised to to use his ordinary, bunny-in-the-hat/ ESP symbol strewn envelopes (thanks Bryn).

Upon opening this package, I had the same experiences that the others had posted. Bryn obviously is a man of quality, and didn't cut any corners on his packaging or print up of the instructions. Grammar all looked great (which Mr. Crumley can appreciate), and even quality paper was used

My experience with Bryn's product was excellent right from the start. I was thinking of a simple drawing that might be on a business card when I opened up the first envelope...It was a very simple drawing indeed, but I was intently thinking of one indeed. I wondered if this effect was good enough that if I had opened up that envelope and pulled out that card...if it would indeed contain a drawing of my thoughts. I can't explain the nervous tingling sensation I had all over me when I slowly opened up my small coin envelope and tried to pull the business card out. Which leads me to my next point. Bryn...you should put business cards in those little envelopes with a nice bunny-in-the-hat picture artistically drawn on the back.

Seriously though. I like the idea a lot, and will play with the handling until it goes like whipped icing. I love this type of device where I feel a need to develop a handling. Those types of routines are golden to me. Nothing can be seen or traced back, and it doesn't get more direct. IT will take some practice until you get a comfortability level with this...it's not automatic as some might hope. The simplicity is there for all.

I also respect Bryn's unselfishness with his information on the "how tos" portion of his write up. He lets us know everything we need to know to recreate this product...something he could have easily left to our trial-and-error.

I'll will keep playing with this one!


John E.
Message: Posted by: mindhunter (Sep 1, 2004 04:14PM)
Hey John. Thanks for posting your review here. Richard Osterlind just posted a nice review for me in the other forum which was great to see as he has been a huge inspiration for me over the years. I appreciate everyone taking the time to do so! :kewl:

Message: Posted by: johne (Sep 1, 2004 04:21PM)
Yea...I seen that Osterlind is a big fan of yours :P I was impressed he wrote you up a nice little post. I must admit, I am envious how you guys think!

talk to you later,

my dog just fell over again.
Message: Posted by: Steven Evans (Sep 1, 2004 04:26PM)
On 2004-09-01 17:21, johne wrote:
my dog just fell over again.


Johne's new trick, mind over dog! No strings, magnets or pieces of meat classic pal**d
Message: Posted by: johne (Sep 1, 2004 05:31PM)
Classic palming meat is something I can't get away with around my house. The PK dog trick is based upon an effect I learned after my friends dog ate his PK pen. Luckily it wasn't repeated. LOL
Message: Posted by: mindhunter (Sep 1, 2004 05:36PM)
PM him the killer finish to your new PK dog effect....("wait,wait...hes going to tip over any second nowwww...THERE, THERE HE GOES!")

Thanks John...I'm even more impressed (& thankful)

Message: Posted by: Richard Osterlind (Sep 1, 2004 05:57PM)

I posted on the other thread then realized that this is the newer ESPnevelope one.

I got mine and I am thoroughly impressed! The hunter of the mind has done a wonderful job here. There are a ton of great ideas and I give this product my wholehearted endorsement!

If you want a utility item (that takes some work, but is well worth it) that will enable you to read or know anything sealed in an ordinary-looking envelope, then invest in ESPnvelope. You won't go wrong!

Richard Osterlind
Message: Posted by: mrfluffy (Sep 1, 2004 06:02PM)
How do we purchase this item ?
Message: Posted by: mindhunter (Sep 1, 2004 06:42PM)
Sorry mrfluffy...I haven't updated my site yet & posted that info. on the other thread and didn't carry it over here.

Price is $10 US Postage-paid & includes 2 different sized sample envelopes & routine and construction instructions (international shipping $3 higher for anywhere in the world.)
My PayPal (& email) is:
My mailing address is at my site, linked below, for a check or MO payment.
Thanks for the interest (and the reviews, guys.)

Message: Posted by: Slim King (Sep 1, 2004 10:43PM)
I guess that I'm the only one not totally sold on this effect. Maybe I just don't get it. I'll try to give it a little more time before I give up. I'll go over the material to make sure I'm not missing something.
Message: Posted by: Seth speaks (Sep 2, 2004 12:27AM)
Bryn, your site is very interesting! All of your effects and products (with, eh, *perhaps* the exception of the pink-painted Zip pen... but at least you're totally honest about what it is!) seem incredible. After that high praise from Richard Osterlind, my order will be coming soon. (And I'll echo John -- how DO you guys think up this stuff?? Do you just get out of bed and say "Today I'll invent something brilliant"..?) Thanks, and congratulations.


p.s. -- John E., two quick questions: 1) Does PK Dog use a force, or can I use any dog available, and 2) Is there a quick reset; I mean without upsetting the dog. (I'm looking for something impromptu...)
Message: Posted by: johne (Sep 2, 2004 01:20AM)
1) PK dog does not use any force...dogs love the stuff.

2) I would prefer to use my neighbors dog rather than my own.

3) A reset is not possible and /or necessary.

John Speaks
Message: Posted by: mindhunter (Sep 2, 2004 02:50PM)
Thanks Seth; I'm pretty happy with the effects I offer. And, BTY, the SCRIBE pen really IS flesh-colored, not pink! (perhaps a good excuse for me to buy a new digital camera?LOL)
And, thanks, Mr. Osterlind, for you support & taking the time to post your review!

Message: Posted by: Vraagaard (Oct 4, 2004 08:39AM)
Dear Bryn, and other ESPnvelope users.

I got mine the other day (thanks, Bryn, for fast shipping), and I've got the handling solved. I find no problem spotting one third of a business card (small envelope), meaning a design duplication or a long word could be peeked. Before I put this to use, my question is the following.

Although it's always nice to burn or tear the evidence, I feel this envelope actually deserves to be handed back to the spectator for her/him to remove the business card and show that the reading was right. I plan to let them keep the card, but take back the envelope. Do you think it's too risky? Have you ever done it this way? Maybe its better to open the envelope and let them take out the card, but keep the envelope in my hand. After all, why give them the envelope and the card, and then take the envelope back. What are your comments?

Also I would like to add that I've been using the SUC lately, which is working very well (great peek case). However in Denmark where I live it's not normal for people to carry business cards in a fine leather case. I've actually only seen one person do that in my whole life. Bottom line is that people gets suspicious of the SUC case (in Denmark - unless performing for high executives I guess - which I don't).

After you make the read and hand them the card back, some are ready to jump to see the case. So I think a center tear or an envelope is a less suspicious option, especially when the spec can hold the envelope himself. And that's exactly what you get from this fine ESPnvelope.

I'll still use the SUC case, though, since it's fast and its nice to have different options.

However, concerning the ESPnvelope - do you ever let the spec take the card out themselves??

I'll advocate for both the SUC and the ESPnvelope if you feel the CT is not a part of your act, or simply if you like more options.

Best regards,