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Topic: Any Help on Fire from hands
Message: Posted by: SKILL (Aug 31, 2004 09:46PM)
Hi to all
I getting a gig and they ask me to do fire from my hands "and I gonna be almost surrounded"
.I need and idea to get the right one ...

Please any help

thanks you in advance
Message: Posted by: Alex Tan (Aug 31, 2004 11:29PM)
Perhaps you might consider doing gloves on fire instead. That doesn't have any angle problems and doesn't need anything more than a pair of cotton gloves, water and lighter fluid.
Message: Posted by: mikeshera (Sep 1, 2004 01:17AM)
I have some questions myself about the difference between several fickle-fire version on the market, but concerning a small to conceal gimmick, see this link:
[url=http://mall.eshop.co.jp/mall/cgi-bin/wm10/wm10_99186/st/ws20_9800/main/browse.cgi?final_pick=y&cust_cat=STAGE_Fire&cat_cat_max=9&cust_id=10310000073543&in_store=1044&cust_cat_index=4&pick_flag=y&setup_value=1&cleanup=n&item_id=S_FIRE005]link to very small fickle-fire gimmicks [/url]
and disccusion thread
Let me know your (and others) experiences with these gimmicks.
Mike Shera
Message: Posted by: Michele (Sep 5, 2004 04:35PM)

Mr Sakoh's Fickle Fire is good for stage, if you want a thinner one you must go with Omega Fire.
Message: Posted by: mikeshera (Sep 6, 2004 07:21AM)
Thanks Michele,

The show I'll be needing the 'fire from hands' for is on a nightclub floorshow stage. People are sitting a little above stagelevel, on both sides and even a bit behind me when I walk centerstage.
I'll be holding the fire burning for at least 30 seconds. Do you think Sakoh's Fickle-Fire stays cooler than Omega because of it's thickness?
One advantage I heard about the Omega, is that it can be fueled hours before the show. I haven't heard that about the Sakoh Fickle-Fire.

Mike Shera
Message: Posted by: benscholz99 (Sep 12, 2004 07:47PM)
where can I find how to do the fire gloves.

Message: Posted by: BroDavid (Sep 13, 2004 08:41PM)
How closely surrounded? It is not a good idea to do fire in a tight close group, like walk around at a cocktail party. Too much possible flammables around.

But if you have 15- 20 feet , then Fire from Palms (I actually prefer Dave Powell's Omega fire as in my Avatar)

The advantage of fire palms over fire gloves, is that you can ditch the fire palms a lot quicker.

And if you are going to fire, think about who will handle the fire extinguisher. Don't think an accident can't happen. It can! And don't think an accident won't happen. It will! And the difference in the outcome can be whether or not you prepared for it. I don't do fire, inside or out without an extinguisher and somebody who knows my act to man it.

Message: Posted by: mikeshera (Sep 14, 2004 07:57AM)
Have you tried Sakoh's Fickle Fire and Omega both?
I'm curious how fast the Sakoh version extinguishes when closing the lid. I read you are very happy with the Omega for that, I hope you can share some experiences & pro/cons with the Sakoh version as well.

Mike Shera
Message: Posted by: dove-boy (Sep 16, 2004 02:23PM)
Hi Mike

I have both the Sakoh, Omega...Japanese Original Kikuchi..........in fact 8 total.

In term of design I really like the Old Powell's Famous Fire & Original Kikuchi's version.

As for heat, Sakoh's version can't feel any heat at all due to a unique design...wick on the top....but a little big for me...But the BEST! if you r talking about heat holding power...lid can quickly extinguish fire too!

Following Closely is the Pyro Palm by Visual Magic...fully covered in leather 100%!..The paint work is the best!...the original is about US$90....I bought a custom made version for US$150...value for money....great for photo shoot!

Seriously, forget about the Omega Fire...the heat sink is 'rubbish'.....u will fell the heat quickly.....if you really want to get in...add a piece of thin leather at the bottom....the pro is is VERY SLICK & THIN....that all....but beware front design don't have any support...curl too much will burnt yr finger...in fact I love their old design better.

if you want the smallest, buy the Thunderfire...smallest on the market...con...fire small too....keke

Trust me, if you have only a choice, buy Sakoh version....hope this helps. :)

doveboy :)
Message: Posted by: mikeshera (Sep 17, 2004 08:15PM)
Thanks Dove-boy,

A very detailed description!
I never heard of the Visual Magic "Pyro palms", I
looked it up on their site, and saw lots of other promising props like special roses too. :light:
So also thanks for bringing that company to my attention. I am now in Japan, so it is very tempting to buy Sakohs ficklefire. Especially since what you wrote that they really stay cool. Too bad it is so expensive, Sakoh's version costs almost twice as PyroPalms... :spinningcoin: Did I understand correctly you now use only Pyropalms during your show? What was the custom modification? Btw, you've a nice tux in blue/black (I surfed your site)

Mike Shera

Update: Sep 20 2004

Last saturday I have ordered Sakoh's Fickle Fire from UGM. It'll arrive this Wednesday. I'll try to post my experiences with it as soon as I have been using it for a while.

Mike Shera
Message: Posted by: domplato (Mar 16, 2005 02:37PM)

I too use PyroPalms manufactured by Visual Magic. I can honestly say that these are the best fire in the hand effect on the market.

They are custom made and getting harder to get. I can't believe the size of the flames you get with these gimmicks. Absolutely beautiful.

If you haven't got them you, do your self a favor and get a set. You won't be disappointed.

Dominic Plato

PS: I bought Omega fire and thought it was junk. It's made from pot metal. Beware