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Topic: Head Rush
Message: Posted by: briansmagic (Sep 2, 2004 12:13PM)
Does anyone own Head Rush by Peter Loughran? I ordered one and it hasn't come to me yet....but I am just curious as to what people think of it.
Message: Posted by: MaGiShN46 (Sep 17, 2004 07:03PM)
I like it but some differ

Its in every showeven parlour!!
Message: Posted by: Peter Loughran (Sep 17, 2004 11:14PM)
James Wiggs recently put his presentation of the effect here:


He does a great job of showing the illuison in action without any fancy editing, and in one complete shot.

Thanks to James for sharing!

Message: Posted by: The Mirror Images (Sep 18, 2004 09:33AM)
Neat Illusion. Nice job Peter.

Message: Posted by: varg (Oct 3, 2004 08:58AM)
Peter will it be possible to go even further with
the head so it goes under the arm?

thanks for a beauty creativity.
Message: Posted by: Amazing Magic Co (Nov 20, 2004 09:34AM)
How close can the audience be to perform this affect? Peter, your creativity is outstanding ... thank you!