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Topic: Looking for illusion builders in malaysia!
Message: Posted by: Dr.Maya Baalaamurugaan (Sep 3, 2004 09:47AM)
HI all,i am working on some tv special and looking for some illusionists/illusion builders to help me out from malaysia...anyone out there???????
Message: Posted by: Erich Troudt (Sep 5, 2004 02:42AM)
Look up Anslem Roy. He's located somewhere near Kuala Lumpor.
Message: Posted by: Dr.Maya Baalaamurugaan (Sep 5, 2004 06:48AM)
Does he build illusions for other performers too????????
Message: Posted by: maps (Sep 11, 2004 02:53AM)
How about illusion builder from singapore? You can go to :
<www.mascotsandpuppets.com> and contact the people there.They do build and customised illusions and props.
Frankie Malachi
Message: Posted by: magicsiow (Oct 3, 2004 09:49PM)
We are a magical consultant and illusion builder in malaysia. we only build for serious and not illegal illusion. Although we know to build it... if you are serious pls contact us

KL malaysia
Message: Posted by: magicofCurtis (Feb 2, 2005 11:39AM)
You can check out magicauction.com for illusions if you do not need them customed made...