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Topic: Avatars: What is allowed...what is not.
Message: Posted by: Steve Brooks (Aug 14, 2002 03:50PM)
In an effort to help give the Café a more personal touch, we allow members the option to upload a personal avatar. :)

There's one stipulation: to avoid copyright issues, only a small photo or likeness (artists rendering) of yourself may be used as your avatar.
The picture may be a drawing or caricature, but it [b]must[/b] be [b]you![/b] No photo's of movie stars or other celebrities are allowed, unless you are the celebrity. ;)

When choosing your photo, we ask that you use one that best represents how you look now. I do not want to see a photo of you when you were a baby, or a small child, or taken 20 years ago when you were in the army.

Photographs or drawings that look like an [b]X-ray[/b] or [b]Negative[/b] are prohibited.

Also, I want to see your entire face, not one eye (unless it is a side view) not you with a mask on, not hiding behind something and peeking out...[b]all of your face[/b]! I must be able to see your face (eyes,nose,mouth,etc). If you are a [i]Clown[/i] or [i]Mime[/i], a photo of you in make-up is fine.

I do not want to see cartoon likenesses of Mickey Mouse, Bart Simpson or Simpsonized pictures etc), playing cards, magic posters, hands holding cards, products (books, DVDs, etc) with your photo on it, wizards, etc. The only exception is my wife [b]Mya Angel[/b] [i]who works very hard here, and is entitled to a perk or two[/i] ;)
If you wish to have a full shot of you standing or performing, that is fine, just as long as we can see your entire face clearly. ;)

The default rabbit in a hat icon is our own copyrighted image and is not to be altered and used as an avatar.

Any avatars that do not comply with above rules will be removed, no questions asked. Repeated offenses may result in loss of avatar priviledge or possible banning. It's as simple as that. :nod:

If you do not care for others to see you (which is strange to me, seeing how we are all entertainers), then don't upload anything. There is a default Café avatar that will appear (Rabbit coming out of hat).