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Topic: Where Not to Put Your eBooks: Warning
Message: Posted by: Sir T (Aug 14, 2002 10:15PM)
Ok, I hope this is the right area to post this. Recently, I downloaded a napster type program, in the hopes of locating some very old music for my father. When you install it, it asks, if you would like it to search your system for files to share....Ok, I was looking for something, why not share the few mp3's I have. What I did not know, is it placed my ebooks, in the share folder.

As I was looking for music, I noticed a transer taking place, no big deal, until I saw the file name!! Some one was trying to download one of my Magic Ebooks!

Word to the wise, if you have magic files on your computer and use one of those Music swapping programs, BE CAREFUL!!

I have now uninstalled my file sharing program, I will just have to covert my Dad's LP's to CD.

Kevin :kitty:
Message: Posted by: RiffClown (Aug 15, 2002 12:11PM)
That goes for any information on a computer you don't want to share. Very good advice Sir T! :bigsmile:
Message: Posted by: Mary B. (Aug 15, 2002 12:19PM)
Was it Limewire you were using? There is an option you can set to make it so people can only download from folders you specify.