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Topic: Card magic
Message: Posted by: james_magic (Aug 15, 2002 06:26AM)
I was curious about different card sleights and routines that work well for the street. I perform a couple of card routines on the street, and the reactions are amazing. Has anyone got any ideas of different effects, or different routines using all types of sleights?
Cheers, James
Message: Posted by: Eric Evans (Aug 15, 2002 03:27PM)
It really depends on what type of "street magic" you're talking about. If your referring to a Blainesque type; wandering around looking for likely spectators, sans table, sans pitch, sans a real routine or proper street show; just performing close-up magic outside for unexpecting people, then just about anything in the realm of gaffed or ungaffed close-up work will do. IF however, you are referring to real street magic as performed by precious few full time, then there are a number of effects that can be performed, but the list is much different in content and the quantity of effects are perhaps much more limited -- depending on your presentation.

So...what are you doing now? What are you looking to achieve by stepping outside? Practice? Or are you interested in learning how to make a living out there and if so why? Earning one's living outside dictates FREEDOM, something that can be extremely uncomfortable at times.
Message: Posted by: Priest (Aug 15, 2002 03:49PM)
Eric, thank you for your VERY REAL perspective. I totally agree with you.

I often do street magic by going around in the "blainesque" type and just practive with unsuspecting spectators. Read that again, I said PRACTICE. That's how I practice different methods, new tricks, etc.

However, I am also going to be setting up and performing actual [real] street magic shows with a large audience. I agree that the tricks and methods used by each type (large show/blainesque) are very different.

However, I've seen many people refer to that "blainesque" method as not "real" street magic. It may not be the normal way, but I don't think it should be dis-counted as not "real" street magic. I find that it is a great way to practice and get people talking about you. But it is not a source of income at all.

As Eric said, and many performers know, if you are planning on street magic being your primary source of income, then you need a [b]large[/b] crowd. You also need to think about why you want magic to be your income.

I haven't had a solid 9-5 job in years, I work for myself and I have enjoyed the FREEDOM very much, and sometimes it's not always easy financially. But if you make up your mind that it's what you want to do, and you want to be successful at it then nothing can stop you.

Good luck!
Message: Posted by: Genio (Aug 15, 2002 09:29PM)
I agree with priest. NOBODY can discount a particular style of performing. Every kind of perfomance IS legit.
Message: Posted by: Danny Hustle (Aug 16, 2002 08:12AM)
On 2002-08-15 22:29, Genio wrote:
I agree with priest. NOBODY can discount a particular style of performing. Every kind of perfomance IS legit.

I don't think anyone is questioning the legitimacy of anyone's magic.

Street magicians, a.k.a Buskers, want to point out that what Blaine does is not busking.

For some reason this offends some Blaine fans, names are called on both sides, and the actual point goes right into the dumpster.

I am a busker, I go on the street work all day performing show after show, and go home with a bag full of booty. It isn't something I do, it is something I am.

If a guy like Blaine set up shop next to me I would send him home inside of a half an hour. It is what I do, that is my job. It is not meant to be an insult, just a fact of the matter. What Blaine does is not "real" street magic. "Real" street magic, magic that has been documented for hundreds if not thousands of years is performed in a different manner.

It has nothing to do with legitimacy. the magic itself is very legitimate.

Another example:

If Blaine and I were doing walk around magic at the same Hollywood party there is a very real possibility that Blaine could send me home in half an hour. That is his forte, his strength. He only brought his magic to the street to present it as a visual medium for television.

He is a walk around magician and that is a different style of magic. You can not do this kind of magic on the street and expect to go home with several hundred or in some cases over a thousand dollars in your pocket.

You can do it at a cocktail party for an hour and go home with the same 1k it would take me all day to make.

No one is calling one better than the other, just vastly different.

Priest is right when he says a park or a sidewalk is a good place to practice walk around magic, it is, but it doesn't make it "Street" magic just because it is done on the street.

To confuse the issue even more, you could create a street show using tricks that are ideal for a walk around venue. It isn't the tricks, it is the manner in which they are presented.