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Topic: Pandora's Box @The Richmond Mall.
Message: Posted by: Brian Tanner (Sep 12, 2004 08:49PM)
This was the first really nice magic shop,that I ever visited.I also met Joe Lefler(owner and operator)Joe and I have been friends,ever since.Mant of you may know Joe as the manufacturer of those awsome Pro Suitcase Tables.He's more than that.His shop was always well stocked,and organized.He carried the latest and greatest in close-up and stage magic.I remember going to Pandora's Box as an akward teen ager,wanting so badly to learn magic.Joe not only sold me magic,he made sure I knew how to do the effects,before I left the store.He also gave me advice on what to get,as wellas what to steer clear of.As the years went on,Joe and I became friends.We remain so to this day.I have so many wonderful memories of a great magic shop,an awsome mentor,and my very good friend.
Message: Posted by: Magic.J.Manuel (Sep 22, 2004 11:22PM)
Joe started his Pandora's Box shop in an inside market style building that was a huge box store cut into small shops with topless booths/stores called Grand Central Station. The store had no roof inside a large store, he was not topless. :lol: Kind of like a small business incubator.

Then he moved to a strip mall down the street called Willo Plaza and shared his store with a coin dealer and someone else from the first location before he finally got into Richmond Mall.

He always had, and still does have, some very cool effects and props. And is very tolerant of us young'ins hanging out. He was at the IBM convention with a booth full of beautiful things and deals. He is considered a goto resource for the folding tables and PA systems, plus some other effects he has built.