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Topic: Need help with ideas for this effect
Message: Posted by: WR (Sep 13, 2004 04:57PM)
I am working on an effect where I tell how I was pulled over by a cop. He asked for my Lincense and I do the UFC trick. I am asked to sign the ticket I tell him I will make the ticket disappear. I tap it with a pen and the pen disappears. I do a torn and restored ticket....What are some other effects I could use for this routine?
I also tell at the end how a $65.00 ticket turned into a $5000.00 ticket, and a month in jail.
Message: Posted by: Doug Higley (Sep 13, 2004 05:13PM)
...a Vanishing Beer Bottle (for the older crowd of course)...one of the (bazillion) wallet tricks with a specs drivers license...a Lie Detector routine...make a Donut appear (and disappear. :) )
Message: Posted by: Clifford the Red (Sep 13, 2004 11:04PM)
Hahahahaha!! Oh you guys slay me!

"So when the Officer returned to his vehicle, the strange feeling began to fade and when I was out of sight, he looked down at the ticket and realized it was made out to himself." Have the spectator look at the ticket/take away you gave them and then gasp as they see it has their personal information and signature on it.

Takes some upfront prep!
Message: Posted by: WR (Sep 14, 2004 10:51AM)
HAHAHAHA! Love em Thankyou.
Message: Posted by: Bob Sanders (Oct 4, 2004 06:25PM)
Include a pickpocket routine. Take his gun, badge, cuffs and night stick. Give him back his watch with the predicted time on it!

What about Color Changing Blue Light?

Have fun!

Magic By Sander
Message: Posted by: WR (Oct 13, 2004 11:08AM)
Thnakyou all.
Message: Posted by: DamienT98 (Oct 18, 2004 09:04AM)
Great ideas! I'd love to see these pulled on a real cop on one of those hidden camera magic shows!
Message: Posted by: jonnycardel (Nov 12, 2004 12:42PM)
Great idea :stuckinbag:
Message: Posted by: Taylor Dean (Jul 13, 2005 07:19PM)
Produce a donut he thake affence by it vanishes then a cup of coffee is in its place slill it on him and vanish the cup( no evendice).
produce bacon,
donut shop gift card,
just ideas
Message: Posted by: George Ledo (Jul 14, 2005 12:02AM)
A couple of things come to mind...

Something with a breathalizer. Not sure how these work, but I'm under the impression that you insert a drinking straw into the device, which means something with a straw and a small box.

A radar gun. Maybe he shows you the readout on the thing, but you open it and it's empty -- no works. A moment later, you pull some stuff out of it.

The Miranda card. He reads it off to you, but it changes into something else.

Keep us posted!
Message: Posted by: KyletheGreat (Jul 14, 2005 08:43AM)
THat is good! I like the idea of not being able to get rid of the ticket. Maybe you could thow in some comedy lines like "This must be one of those new magic proof tickets..."
Message: Posted by: harris (Jul 25, 2005 07:24PM)
I remember having a police officer help me at a fair type venue.

She was pretty cool until I asked her to say the alphabet backwards.

Of course then I did the David Ginn inspired bit of actually saying my zyx's.

Perhaps you could use it in your routine.

The beer bottle idea could work. You might want to say you tried to get out of the ticket by juggling in a straight line.(I actually know someone who got out (in the old days) by juggling for a police ocifer, er officer.)

Did you here about the magician who got pulled over for a B.U.I. (Boating under the influence) She had to swim a straight line)

Have fun in the creative process.

Harris Deutsch
Laughologist and Substance Abuse Prevention Specialist
Message: Posted by: pikacrd (Aug 19, 2005 02:26PM)
What about Clipo with the ticket. You can keep cutting out the sections that you do not agree with but the ticket keeps restoring its self. I like the stuff about the donut so why not look into a sponge donut effect? You could do the bunnies with donuts and have a lot of little donut holes as the climax.